"REDBLACKS extend contracts; release T.J. Hill"

Really surprised by the T.J. Hill release. I thought he was the best linebacker they had.

OTTAWA - The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League have extended the contracts by two years for the following players:

•international defensive lineman Jonathan Williams
•national offensive lineman J’Micheal Deane
•international running back Chevon Walker

The team also announced the extension of one year for the following players:

•international quarterback Thomas DeMarco
•national defensive lineman Zack Evans
•national defensive lineman Justin Capicciotti

The REDBLACKS have also signed the following players and added them to the practice roster:

•international cornerback Chris L. Rucker (6-2, 200, Michigan State)
•international safety Richard Spencer (6-2, 215, Texas-El Paso)
•international cornerback Abdul Kanneh (5-10, 180, New Mexico Highlands)
•international wide receiver Khalil Paden (6-2, 180, Northern Arizona)

The REDBLACKS have also announced the release of international linebacker T.J. Hill.

“I’d like to thank TJ for his contributions to the REDBLACKS. He’s a true professional and we wish him the best in his future endevours,? said REDBLACKS head coach Rick Campbell.

Shologan got a one-year extension. In light of how much I heard that he was Saskatchewan through and through, I'm a little surprised, but pleased. :thup:

I think if they can fix the receiver/DB issues they are going to pick up some wins and have a strong second half of the season. It’s a lot easier to fix problems with receivers and the secondary than trying to fix QB problems. I think Hamilton and Montreal are going to struggle right through the second half of the season with their lack of QBs.
The way things are going they could easily end up in second place and host a Western crossover team.

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Wow - were you ever WRONG


Well, in fairness, they DIDN"T fix the WR issues, so your scenario did not come to pass because the condition was not met.

You’re welcome. :wink:

Looking back we see why Hill was released. The other 8 contract extensions all seem to have been the right ones. They certainly addressed the receiving issue and then some. Did give up their leading tackler to get one of them. Talent wise they are replacing him with Munoz who they signed after being an NFL final cut. Getting that NFL shot with two seasons in '12 and '13 where he was one of the top WillLB in the CFL (80 Tackles each year). He was just overshadowed by a pair of big time MLBs in JC Sherrit then Rennie Curran. They also sure up the starting import LT starting spot to boot.

Everyone gave them an A Plus for the CFL FA REC signings.
I think there A Plus began with the '13 redshirt Jr draftees, '14 draft trade getting the player they wanted in Pruneau, signing Munoz after NFL cuts enabling the trade for Price, extending the right expansion draft guys, The budgeting and courting of Williams for months, and CFL FA signing of LT SirVincent.
Makes me wonder what else they have hidden up their sleeve heading into the draft with the top pick.

So far the Riders are a distant second with the trade for All Star National MLB for All Star National DE With all Star DE Alex Hall signing hidden up their sleeve after a year on NFL PR.

:thup: :thup: for the REDBLACKS