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Surprised nothing up yet. Grey Cup rematch. Hoping for a good game

Ottawa starting THREE Canadians on the "D" line? and Two Canadians at LB ?

For those outside of Canada and without ESPN3 in the US as well, here is a BT Sport live stream:

No you don't have to download anything, so be careful because you do have to click off and out of many hoops to get an otherwise superb picture.

Be especially careful if watching on Windows, and if you still using Internet Explorer you might just be nuts anyway.

The rogue for Edmonton early. Hoping for a big game from Reilly and John White in a losing cause :smiley:

Haven't put any money down on DraftKings but playing the free one this week and doing pretty well.

Edmonton d looking a little shaky. Had it not been for an overthrow it would have been 6 points Ottawa.

OMG Adarius Bowman that was clean af, how can you drop that

Both teams have had near misses that could be TD's. I'm just happy we're seeing them both stretch the field.

So far in the first half:

  1. Henry Burris - To Suitor's comments, wow are they sure that he is 41 years old?

  2. Sloppiness and lack of discipline are at hand on both sides, so I agree with the comments about likely lack of practice time as a factor.

  3. Defensive aggression - The experienced QBs are picking apart various missed assignments, but I like the aggressive play on defence on both sides.

Pretty good first half.
I think EE is starting to win the LOS though on both sides of the ball.

Most definitely the Edmonton defence was shaky and disappointing especially on that scoring drive by Ottawa, on the successful 2-point convert, and on that last possession by Ottawa at the end of the first half. :roll:

The aggression is there and the tackling is good, but the discipline and attention to detail definitely are not. :thdn:

Goes back to practice time. Early season games often have these problems.

Big punt block by the Esks there. This game has some sloppy moments but overall much more entertaining than the first two.

Impressive blocked punt - Franks came in/out clean and TD recovery.
Eskimos lead 18-14

Hand cramps? What

Huge toss by Harris.

Trevor Harris airs it out for a major

Argos made a mistake and I said last season in the playoffs on this forum, but oh so many doubters on here with all that Ricky Ray chatter.

I hope Burris is okay, for what an odd injury.

Harris to Williams strikes again. QB controversy already in Ottawa (and Burris played well).

Damn it won't be long before they just start Harris I'm thinking!

you and me both Paolo.
Harris is the real deal and could have led the Argos resurgence in T.O. for years to come as Ray may never return to form especially with advancing age.

and Barker could be thinking the very same as we speak.