REDBLACKS confirm Masoli to start vs. Ticats

TORONTO — Jeremiah Masoli will make his season debut on Saturday, when the Ottawa REDBLACKS travel to Hamilton to face the Tiger-Cats.

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Should be an interesting game. Masoli might be rusty but he’s a huge improvement over Nick Arbuckle, and the Ottawa defence will put a lot of pressure on Shiltz. My guess is a low scoring game with Hamilton finally reaching the win column but I’ve been wrong before.


I’ve been wrong before too. :grinning: :+1:

I am a Tiger Cat fan, but I do like Masoli. He once did a great job for the Cats until he got injured - then zip! They held onto him for quite a while, in the hope he would recover - he didn’t. On one hand I wish him well, but I hope he falls flat in this game. Oskee-wee-wee!


Well as a fellow Cats fans the guessing at a win only for it to be wrong is a common occurrence if you follow this team .

No you cheer for the guy, it’s been one year since he went down in that ugly brutal tackle.
When he’s on offense and they ask for the crowd to get loud please be quiet let the guy call the play, when he completes a pass, cheer and clap for him. When Ottawa scores cheer them on, he deserves it and Ottawa deserves it.
Save your boos for the Argos

Sorry mikem - you cheer for your team and I will cheer for mine. I will be booing Ottawa strong and hard and cheer loudly for every QB sack Hamilton serves on Masoli,


LOL - yes I was being sarcastic