Redblacks coach LaPolice: ‘We just got to get better in certain areas’ -

I mean he's not wrong...just when he says certain areas he forgets to mention that there have been some major screw ups in coaching. I love Paul LaPolice but seriously he's been dropping the ball

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“I thought we just made critical errors at a couple of times,” LaPolice told TSN 1200 on Monday.
True enough, I copy & pasted this in from the article. The other 3 losing coaches from last weekend can copy & paste it too. It's a pretty accurate but true description of most losses. I expect that soon enough LaPolice will get to let his opponents coach make the same statement, so he'll get a break & can say more positive things instead.

In every game you can pick about 5-6 plays that won or lost the game. Always.

Just like everything else in life players will make mistakes. The difference between good and great is whether they repeat those mistakes or they learn from them.....