RedBlacks clinch East

DAM… :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
Ottawa beat the Peg.
We take 2nd spot in the East…
Time to heal-up guys.
The Montreal game now means nothing.
Take no chances…Kent.
Play all the rookies.

Aren't we doing that already?

The RedBlacks have 1st place, and play WPG again at home next week
Another win next week for the RB's almost ensures that the Bombers would be the crossover team.
EDM plays TOR in EDM next week
You would think the RB's would rather face Nichols and the Bombers instead of Reilly and the Eskies in the East Final.
OTT will want to win against WPG next week.
I would rather face WPG for the ESF at THF if I had my druthers.

I have to agree with you...Grover.
Prefer to see the Cats go up against the Peg, than the semi.
With our next game being a nothing game.
I hope every starter "that is not on the IR" gets a good rest.
Man...that list is a long long one.

I really hope we get another "shot" at Burris. His "Smilin' Hank" routine is tiresome. Want us to wipe the smile off his face cheap shots :rockin: