RedBlacks, Burris, Williams Suck!

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Seems legit!

I'm cool with that.

screw them!

Done in by x ticats

I wouldn't give Williams the time of day.

Burris has worked his way into my bad books this year. Always whining (even though he did it with the Cats too, which i didnt like then either), now he has the Rodney Dangerfield complex of nobody respecting him and how he talks about the Cats. He was treated well in Hamilton and the team chose to go with a younger QB . And Sorry Henry, you were Bad Hank quite a bit while playing with the Cats.

RBs can have them

I agree on your comments, especially on Burris. Did you hear his comments during the half time of the west final (here is a link)

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"Now I can put in my script, as far as my resume of being a quarterback, none of the other guys the AC's the Damon Allens or Ricky Rays, none of these guys turned a program around"...WOW, how humble.

It's interesting when the shoe is on the other foot, how Burris never said anything about the head shot on Jeff Mathews in the first Ottawa game of the back to back series at the end of the regular season and I'm certain if asked he wouldn't say anything about the Chop Block by his O-Lineman on Ted Laurant today or the head shot by the Ottawa defenders on Masoli early in the game.

Oh it's okay to knock out your opponents players but don't touch Henry??

As far as Chris Williams I think he's a fair-weather player who takes care of himself and cares little about who he plays for?

The only guy I think is a good all around player is Ellingson, he's proved that now, he proved that in Hamilton but he was let go and not resigned at free agency.

Burris showed his true colors today in that post game interview, the cats picked him up off the scrap heap and gave him his carrer back and he doesn't recognize that we have to move on
so screw him and the animosity from Ellingson, You got lucky because a D back slipped so move on.
One of the few time I'll be rooting for the west in the Grey cup./

Everything that's cum out of " Blubberin'" Hanks mouth since his rant at half time three weeks ago has changed my opinion of him. If he'd had shown a little class, and been less of a big cry baby I may have begrudgingly cheered for him in the Grey Cup. Now it will be impossible to ever respect the guy again. Ottawa you can have him we don't want him!!

You meant 'comes' yah?

. I stand by original post. :wink:

If so then you are an abject hypocrite to accuse Burris or anyone else of having a lack of class.

Cry all you want about how mediocre Williams is, he was a star in Hamilton and left, he hasn't been the same player in Ottawa. Burris is older, stayed healthy, worked hard and has also been very lucky. He made bad decisions in that game that could have changed everything. But in the end only one team is going to Winnipeg from the east, and it's not Hamilton. That's football.

Thanks for the update Photo1

. You're right, I am! :slight_smile:

Just says he's a self-promoter with a self-image problem. Still not quite sure what program he turned around ??? He was part of that inaugural season last year. The reality is that the Redblacks are an extremely well coached and managed program much like Hamilton.

He was bad Hank because he was under pressure most of the time. You cannot let Burris sit back and make those long throws. Rushing three on 2nd and 25 insane. With any kind of pressure it would not have been possible to get downfield 25 yards.

The pressure made a difference but ultimately Hank had the benefit of a healthy O-Line with the same guys starting every game this season. That is truly remarkable and just plain good luck - don't see that happening again. Bad Hank will make an appearance in the Peg - of that I am sure. I liked Hank when he was here and he's done well to resurrect his career but I don't see him repeating again next year (I'm thinking Brett Farve after taking Minesota into the playoffs).

Williams is a punk - certainly not a game changer this season.

Ellingson seems like a genuinely good guy and I am glad he had a great season. Wish him well.

I agree with all of this. :smiley:

Lost respect this year for Burris. Ottawa was very lucky he and OL were healthy all season. No other team can say as much.

Williams didn't return one kick/punt. He did pretty well as a receiver, I'll admit it, but he dropped a lot of balls his way too. Also Speedy, for the first time in history, returned a missed point after. Take that, Williams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ellingson, I really enjoyed watching when he was here. He's a great receiver and I was upset we let him go. I wish there had been a way to keep him.