REDBLACKS bring back DeVonte Dedmon

OTTAWA — One of the most electrifying players in Ottawa REDBLACKS history has returned to the team. The REDBLACKS announced on Saturday afternoon that they have brought back receiver/returner, DeVonte Dedmon.

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A ray of sunshine peeking at the RedBlacks through the storm clouds. I'm a little surprised he didn't make the cut down there.

Too little too late to salvage this year for the Redblacks but good to see him back. An exceptional special teams player. Had he been here from the start he may have tipped a couple of close games Ottawa’s way.


Should provide a spark. If they don't win next week to at least split with the Elks, how long before LaPo is gone? Not a stellar coaching record as HC. Some real head scratchers in last night's game. Big question for me re: Ottawa - Arbuckle. Signed for big $$ in Ottawa but got released to avoid paying him. Picked up by buddy Dinwiddie in Toronto who knew him from Calgary & got beat out by McBeth, largely because of his penchant for turnovers. Jones never wanted him & he & McAdoo had a 1st hand look at him while in Toronto. In Ottawa sits for Evans. Everyone feels sorry for Nick, as do I, but I have to think that maybe his upside has been grossly overrated. Anyway, he may be called upon to save LaPo's job. Wasn't Burke's guy either.


That is good news but given the lack of fight exhibited by the team in the last couple of matches this alone will not:

  • Win games
  • Bring people to the stadium

Anyone who goes to a match, and it looks the same across the league, knows that the attendance record is not realistic. They count all the season tickets and add to that people coming just for a particular game.

My section is all season tickets, north side, on the 55 yard line but there are mostly empty seats, people coming in late, and people leaving early.

BTW he is contracted to the team and could not play anywhere else; otherwise, he would.

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Welcome back DeVonte Dedmon to the greatest show on turf. The bad news is your Ottawa Dreadblacks are in last place this 2022 season. :rofl:

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