RedBlacks/Bombers (Week 2)

The Bombers open up 6 1/2 point favourites at home versus the expansion RedBlacks. After watching all three Eastern rivals lose in the opening week, Ottawa looks to take the lead in the division with soon-to-be pensioner Henry Burris leading the offense and ex-Bomber Jovan Johnson anchoring :lol: the defense. After an impressive debut against Toronto, the Bombers will be looking to win back-to-back games for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the planet. :wink:

....Play them like we would the riders or stamps and we should be alright....Underestimating an opponent and not going full bore can cost you...I'm sure Mike O will have them up for the game...I'm looking for another stellar performance from Willy and the D.. :wink:

Burris had a good year playing here last season but our D was just terrible. Any time we've had a half decent D he's struggled in this city. I don't think they have any receivers the quality of Owens or Durie, and I've never been impresses with Chevon Walker. If our D can continue with similar quality of play like last week vs the Argo and not take them lightly - advantage Bombers IMO.

I think the biggest test will be our Oline vs their Dline and TJ Hill at LB. I think after last week the redblacks try to test Willy and the Oline with more blitz packages. If they can handle the pressure well enough, further advantage Bombers as nothing really scares me beyond Ottawas front 7. Ottawa blew out the Als in the second preseason game but receivers for the Als were getting open, just Smith was misfiring. And Jovo's comments in he Ottawa Sun that he's identified some things in Willy's play that will give him an advantage don't worry me in the least.

Prediction - closer than the Argos game as the redblacks will have one week of game film to watch on the bombers in preparation and Winnipeg only has the preseason action to go by, Winnipeg wins by about 10 pts.

Nuts, this is where our DL depth, or lack of it, can hurt us. Zach Anderson questionable with a heel injury, unsure if Bryant Turner makes it back in time for the game after being allowed to leave for the birth of a child I think it was. If neither plays, then we are down to 4 DL on the active roster with one available on the PR to be promoted in Kashan Fraser. Not the ideal scenario.

Should be close to 30 k on Thursday !

I would expect Ottawa to be competitive early in the season, only to have their lack of depth bite them in the ass as the season moves along. It sounds like Bryant Turner won't be back in time to play tomorrow night, but think the Bombers will pull out a hard fought victory nonetheless, with the RedBlacks earning some respect in the loss. Could back-to-back wins to start the year really be on the horizon? As Marv Albert would say, "Yesss"! :smiley:

Comments from Willy on how to prepare for Ottawa that doesn't have much film - preparing against Etch's D in camp gave them all sorts of crazy looks that they should be well prepared for just about anything. O'Shea had similar comments. Guess that's one of the positives of having Etch as your D Coord.

I liked him coming over from the Riders. I like him even more listening to his interviews and how he puts the team success forward into many of his answers.

…Expect the unexpected from Etch…Just when the RedBlacks spotters and Henry think they’ve got a handle on our D, Etch. will throw something else at them…Gotta luv it…I don’t know how much of an effect not having Bryant Turner for the game, is going to be…You have to think he’ll be missed BUT maybe if we throw enough different looks at Ottawa defensively, they won’t notice he’s missing… :lol: GOBOMBERS…send Henry packing… :rockin:

Where I think this game will be a huge missmatch is on Special Teams. Bombers should own field position the whole game and that will make it very difficult on Burris.

The Redbalcks Oline has taken shape for week one.
LT import Nate Menkin former DIII all american with in 2011 with 2 years on NFL training
LG Canadian and one of the young Olineman they are building with
C Canadian Jon Gott draft day move to get an expereinced starting center
RG Canadian J'M Deane should be ready for prime time as a starter.
RT 2013 top draft pick with Big Ten football expereince all over the Oline.

I suspect thought we will see a ton of TE and Double TE sets with Lavoi and Delahunt who are probably the best two TE in the CFL both can block and catch.

Bombers DEs could take full advantage of the young OTs when they are in 5 wide no TE sets.

Drew Willy and the offense have a similar Dbackfield to exploit with a couple of raw HBs on the Ottawa defense.

Still more talk about how good Ottawa is compared to a usual expansion team and not so much talk about how the Bombers just dominted the Argos.
One thing is that Ottawa will not be looking past the Bombers but seem to be so self absorbed with themselves that Winnipeg will exploit them with their own brand of the unknown
Sorry Hank no vanilla pre season defense topick apart this week.

Public hammering Ottawa as the line has come all the way down to 3 1/2. Once again, I'll bite and take the Bombers to cover the spread.

DLine not getting much in the way of pressure. Drop off from last week and not having Turner in there quite evident on that first drive.

There it was double TEs Lavoi and Delahunt inside the 10 with two run plays

Second TD. pass play double TE and 3 receivers to the wide side

Didn't get great pressure in the first game either. Should be a fun game the rest of the way now that we've spotted them a couple of tds....

great play action for willy

Got more than this though. Burris will continue to pick them apart if he continues to get this much time. Not even a hit on Burris as of yet.

Tackling has been awful so far as well.

That's true but the bigger problem is awful tackling. Two of the three drives should have been stopped had it not been for missed tackles....

Again mostly single and double TEs for the redblacks. delahunt a catcch and a seal block springing open Lavoi missed connection.