RedBlacks at Pigskin Putrescence GT, Fri Nov 8 7pm et

Friday, November 8
Redblacks at Argonauts
7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Needless to say, a HUGE game for Evil. Win and they wait. Lose or tie, we get to hear Rod Black in a week go on about the Hall of Famer Ricky Ray and his most splendid mancave to watch the East semi EVER. :wink:

Ray of hope in Harris or their imminent demise? We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


The thread title should read "Fri. Nov. 7" of course. Sorry for the brain cramp.

Oski Wee Wee,


Arblows practicing in their regular environment with simulated Arblow crowd noise!


Well played, Grover! LOL

I guess Ottawa never did get delivery of their plaid helmets. :lol:

Well the first play had the ball tossed to Pruneau - a LB!! Hank has his 2nd down toss negated by a penalty - infractions could kill the OttRBs chances of winning.

Either that or they decided not to go with them. Do you suppose they could have cancelled them?

If the OttRBs don't shut down Owens who will likely be a favourite target, they won't stand a chance - as Chiles scores a TD :x

I wonder how much it costs to mail in a game in the "new" Canada Post? LOL

7-0 Evil

Just this once I am allowing myself to cheer for another eastern team.
Let’s Go Ottawa!!! :thup:
But…doesn’t look too good this early in the game. :frowning:

BAD Henry is in the house!!!! sigh

Especially when Bad Hank shows up tossing picks that are returned to the one yd line! Ottawa receivers have already put then in 2nd and long TWICE with offside penalties!! :x
And just like that the Blew has a 14 point lead - more on the strength of Ottawa's sloppy play!

Oh well....this game may as well be over. Way to go Henry. :thdn:
Now we HAVE to get 8 points over Montreal.

No. We still do to get 1st place, but we just have to tie or beat MTL by less than 8 pts. to get 2nd and eliminate the Blews.

We have to get 8 points to take the east. We take second with a win of 7 points or less. A loss and the good ship lollypop takes 2nd.

We need 8 points over Montreal for first place regardless of the outcome of this game. Argos win they still need us to lose. If Ottawa doesn't want to knock them out of the playoffs tonight, Ticats will have the pleasure of doing it tomorrow with a win by any amount. <8 just means that the Ticats will take 2nd place.

OTTAWA PICK. Momentum change!!! Fingers are crossed.

Just wondering when the "tough" Ottawa defense will show up - you know the one that played in the last two home games against us and Montreal. So far they can hardly stop a fly :oops: - but maybe I speak too soon as Harris is picked off in the end zone! :smiley:

Ottawa shooting themselves in the foot any way they can with penalties - latest on a punt out of bounds :oops:

Found it amusing that Maher was the Ottawa ST player when he probably has the worst FG average in the league and is definitely not impressing with his punting so far tonight! But then they may not have had much choice.

tabbiefan: Just to expand…we will have to aim for an 8 point win at minimum. No holding back. This will be one tough game and as far as i can see, if we get behind by more than a TD…we can kiss the playoffs goodbye.