Redblacks at Als 7/6/18

Matt Shiltz must not be ready yet, so Garrett Fugate is the #3 Quarterback. Against the Riders when the Als used just 3 DL, they brought in Jermaine Robinson who either played the extra linebacker or used him as a Safety thus putting Joe Burnett at linebacker. This week with Burnett out with a quad injury, Jermaine Robinson moves to starting safety. Will be curious to see if the Als prefer to use Chip Cox as the 4th linebacker or use Dondre Wright as the Safety in passing situations.

With an all non-import OL, the Als add another import receiver Chris Harper and running back William Stanback to the 46.

Correction: that was last week with an all non-import line. This week, Xavier Fulton returns to the starting lineup with Philip Blake injured. Last game, the Alsmislead everyone in stating Fulton would start when they alwaysintended to start Blake.

Dondre Wright
Brandon Calver
Chris Harper
William Stanback
Garrett Fugate

Joe Burnett
Khadim MBaye
Philiip Blake
Stephen Adekolu
Drew Willy

One guy that had an awful game last week was Eugene Lewis. Instead of improving, he's getting worse...Surprised they aren't sitting him for a bit. Another one that needs to earn his paycheck for you guys is Ernest Jackson, the man has become invisible except for when he's dropping the odd pass in the basket.

Not expecting much from this game. Hope for the best, though!

After a win against the Riders, reality will settle in. Ottawa will be tough. Not expecting a win, but hope the Als are at least competitive.

Not sure if there would be interest but Bakari Grant could be a nice addition imo.

Marquer au moins deux touchés serait déjà une amélioration

Deux touchés! Demande s'en pas trop! :slight_smile:

I think this is going to be ugly, based on that first series. . .

Nothing like a visit to Molson Stadium for some pitch and catch to make up for a crappy game last week. Harris throws for 400+ today....i should of played mise o jeu

well our first series was pretty good. . . so let’s hope the defence does better on Ottawa’s second series

And a 2 and out for the defence. So maybe this won't be ugly after all.

Penalties !!

I can see why we originally got rid of Ellis and White, they are absolutely awful

Jackson indeed an invisible man. Some of these so-called "star" receivers realize that paycheques are better than sacrificing health so they go into 'wash out" mode - gather their final series of bonuses and paycheques before teams invariably find better guys.

In Jackson& Adarious Bowman's case - especially Bowman, the wash-out process could take a year or more - cuz bomber mgmt. & coaching are really loyal to old legends!

This is the Alouettes forum; keep your comments about Bombers like Bowman on the Bombers forum. We don't care.

And Glass isn't any better. . .

Our running game is nowhere this evening

Coaching comments:

Elizondo is eating Stubler’s lunch.

Sherman. . . does he ever talk to anyone (player, coach)? Whenever the camera is on him he’s just standing there looking disengaged.

Here’s ur tired defence Kavis that you thought would win you games. Constant 2 and outs lead to a beat battered defence...

Enough with the penalties

Crap. Practice tomorrow. 9 am in pads.