Redblacks at Als 08/02/2019

It might be a little early to start this thread, but Johnny is looking forward to this game! Apparently, Dominique Davis should be ready for the game.

God, I hate this schedule. We’ve had two bye weeks already after only five games, and we’ve only played three fricking teams: Edmonton, Hamilton, and Ottawa. That leaves five teams we haven’t even seen yet at almost a third of the way through the season. This shouldn’t happen in a nine-team league.

Given that Ottawa seems to be struggling right now, there’s no reason to think we can’t win this game at home, especially if the bye gives injured guys like Cunningham and Posey a chance to get healthy and come back to the lineup.

I agree. I also wish we were playing Toronto or BC sooner rather than later

Everyone wants to play Toronto and BC. :wink:

But they way it works out the first week gave a team with lots of “moving pieces” to settle itself … this one is not ideal, but it will allow Khari time figure out details of the new structure … AND … meet the new owners ? ? ? ? ?

CFL needs to skip a game for bye-weeks and have three teams sit so they can be been better, and more equitably, spaced.

Yes. Its an attempt to minimize short weeks for teams as much as possible.
It was 2 bye weeks for awhile now its 3.
While I applaud the league for trying to ar least look out for some player safety.
In a 9 team league. The scheduling is a nightmare im sure.
Im waiting for a CFL 3.0 plan.
With the main focus on finally adding that 10th team asap
Makes for a much cleaner schedule. Before The league decides to give 4 buy weeks

Yeah, it doesn’t seem like the schedule makers put much thought into it… lol. I must admit, I do like the timing of the break as we could really use some extra time for some bruises to heal. I was looking at the schedule during the preseason, and if someone had told me we would be 3-2 after facing Ottawa once, and Edmonton and Hamilton twice each ?.. I would have been cool with that.

Now, I can’t wait to face these so called Western powerhouses, particularly Them BlueBombers. I’ve watched there games, and they’re beatable. I would love to be the first team to get in that arse… lol. Their Dline is very good, but so is Edmontons and the Riders, but they don’t scare me.

I don’t know if Ottawa is actually struggling as much as they just aren’t as good as some folks thought. I honestly think we’re the better team. Our Defence is top notch, and with our Offence winning the time of possession battle, which translates into better field position, our Defence is staying fresh and coming together. Edmonton didn’t score a major, thats big time.

Nobody else sacked Harris, not even Winnipeg, and we did it twice. Nobody had intercepted Harris this year, not even Winnipeg, and we did it twice, and could have had at least two more. What am I missing ?. I think we have the best secondary in the league… and Muamba, Lokombo, Ackie, and Loffler ?, all nationals? did he say ALL NATIONALS ?. That’s some Sic Stuff.

Like HC Jones said in the locker room after the game. “That was a BEAUTIFUL TEAM WIN”. We have a TEAM gentleman, with a staff thats learning how to get the best out of them, and whose improving their game as a coaching staff. I must admit, I didn’t see this coming this quick, but I Believe what I’m seeing. We went from the TSN panel labeling us a “Trap Game”, to kissing our N*** in three weeks. Thats funny.

Winnipeg and Montreal approach the game in a very similar way. Winnipeg is the more complete team, they are in the fifth year of their program. The biggest advantage they have, is on Special teams.

I agree, they have built a very solid team. Winnipeg, like us, have a good run/pass balance on offence, and very solid defence. But if Edmonton is the common opponent ?, we’re right there. We had more rushing and passing yds than Winnipeg vs Edmontons defence. Winnipeg doesn’t scare me.

Yeah, O’Shea is a special team guy, and I really like Medlock, but while I’m in the minority around here, I haven’t given up on Boris. He has his shortcomings, but he’s been flipping the field for us with some really good punts. Hes good for a missed FG here and there, but he doesn’t scare me either. I expect him to get better just like the rest of the team can and has. Dude has a leg.

Game one vs Edmonton, we came back from what ?, like 17 points down. Khari sends Boris out for a 52 yd field goal try to tie. Dude kicks the **** out of the ball, hits it for three. Runs past his HC and says “Thanks for believing in me Coach”. That’s what we don’t always see on TV, but that’s huge.

Credit where it’s due. . . Bede didn’t screw up last game.

ONE in a row.

Yeah, he does not get a gold star because he had one game not marred by horrendous mistakes.

You make some great points. I admit, three wins isn’t a large sample size, so we’ve got a long way to go, but I was really not expecting us to stifle Harris and Edmonton the way we did, and grind out a defensive win. We might have issues on the defensive line, but our back eight is as strong as any team’s league-wide.

In any case, a team that can win many different ways is a team trending upward.

Jeremiah Johnson. Coming off the IR. for Esks game. His contributions spelling Stanback. Kinda flew under the Radar.
Stanback surely is the number 1 RB.
But with Johnson they together are looking to be a GREAT 1-2 punch in the Als Running game.
In this modern era of Pro Football. 2 running back system is the norm.
Keeps legs & bodies fresh.
Stanback has basicall carried the whole load. Till the Esks game.
Coach Jones. Can now break down the series and Rushing attemps.
To wear teams down especially going into 4th qtr with a lead.
Whether its 3/4ths stanback & 1/4th Johnson
Or a lil more Johnson.
It fits nicely for the Als. Hope Ottawa is ready

I agree … and beyond spelling off Stanback they make a dangerous pairing in the backfield … lots of options … both can run AND catch … can give defences major headaches

Tandem thats the word i was trying to think of to describe this.
He excelled at Oregon with Jon Stewart.
Bounced around NFL practice Squads mostly. Back ot ottawa they Chevy Walker before tanking # spot.
Tandem in BC with Anthony Allen.
Now the 32yr old Vet & Youngster. Stanback at 25 yrs old.
Als are putting the pieces into place

Agree with most of the comments on this string. The Als have definitely improved on D, especially the secondary, which has been suspect for several years. Part of their success, though, is the much-improved O, keeping long drives going and allowing the D to rest and analyze the opposing offensive formations for their next series.

BUT!! They still have 13 games left in the season and are still a work in progress, albeit with some optimism going forward. They will have to include both running backs into the offense schemes to keep opposing Ds guessing and the O-line will have to give VA time to go through his reads. Slotbacks…etc. will have to make themselves big fat targets, a la Ben Cahoon when VA gets into trouble. Also, VA still has to make things happen with his feet, but intelligently; he can’t pretend he is an OT plowing into big burly defenders shoulder-first, especially with his throwing arm.

The D-line needs to be better schemed to bring pressure off the edge and up the middle. Ihate 3 down linemen in the CFL, except when the opposing team is desperately behind late in the 4th quarter and the D is playing prevent defence. We need to get a better rush from the front 4.

Considering the gong show going on behind the scenes, I take my hat off to Khari and all the players who are doing their best - and succeeding! - in putting the noise aside and playing good football.

Good post! Especially agree that they have to create more pressure with a 4 man rush.

I like that they are both physical backs, often teams like a bruiser and a slasher, I prefer to keep punishing the defense.

It’s likely that if Johnstone’s injury is serious that they may not be able to dress Johnson.

Why are they dressing Weineke? Ok, he does have 3 TDs, but only six catches in 5 games. A national receiver would do as well. He’s a waste of an international spot.