Redblacks at Alouettes - Aug. 31/17

Herb Zurkowsky?
12m12 minutes ago

#Als have added Canadian receiver Scott MacDonell, late of Ottawa and Saskatchewan

Actually he was released by Edm.

Herb Zurkowsky?
8m8 minutes ago

OT Jovan Olafioye, who left Thursday's game with back spasms was out here earlier but has returned to the dressing room

Crucial games against Ottawa in the next 3 weeks.-August 31 and September 17- They almost have to win both games,otherwise they could be out of the playoffs. They definitely can't lose more than 1 of these 2.


The craziest thing about this, if the Als win their next game, they will be tied for first with the Argos, with the same amount of games played.

Johnny is predicting that Ottawa will eventually play to their level, and finish first in the East. The Argos should finish second. Sadly, the Als will finish 3rd and out of the playoffs.

Unfortunately you are probably right Johnny.

What I want to see from the Als going forward is some consistency and progression on offense.

Heres a story on Scott Macdonell who I wanted the Als to sign during this years free agency. I`m not sure why his stock seems to have dropped.

Article creeping up on 3 years old; did he even get a TC invite from anyone this season

He had re-signed with Ott. during free agency, and as I posted earlier was recently released by Edmonton.

From Herb:

Offensive-tackle Jovan Olafioye, who left last week’s game with back spasms, is expected to play this week, as should tailback Tyrell Sutton. … Guard Matt Vonk will be sidelined indefinitely with a knee injury

Apparently, OL Tim Mitchell from McGill is now a member of the Als.

They will need to win both against Ottawa. Ottawa has won the first matchup.
And RB's are starting to head in the right direction now.

Herb Zurkowsky?

1h1 hour ago

I’m told #Als are about to, or have, released import DT Ray Drew

And there is a team with a surplus at the position:

It’s never a bad thing when teams have a surplus of talent, but the Argos are soon going to have to decide what look up front on defence best suits them.
Victor Butler and Ken Bishop are likely to be back for Labour Day. Linden Gaydosh, who had two sacks in Calgary, has played well for the Argos after the team signed Gaydosh a few weeks ago, Jeff Finley was injured during the Stamps game on Saturday, allowing Gaydosh more reps. Cleyon Laing, a fellow Canadian, should be back soon. And Dylan Wynn has played stout football inside in Bishop’s absence.And then there’s Alan-Michael Cash, whose off-season surgery has limited his playing time, and Troy Davis.
Decisions will have to be made and none appear to be easy.

A tall order!

At this point, I don't have much hope for this floundering team.

However, the "saving grace" (if you can call it that!) is that they're in a lousy division and there will likely be a crossover team from the West in post-season action as things are shaping up.

Sooooo...if by hook or by crook the Als rack up a few Ws in the second half, they still might make it into the playoffs. I don't think they would go deep into post-season action, but this is the CFL!

While I don't anticipate a GC parade down Ste-Catherine street this year, ya just never know!.

If Ray Drew is/or have been released, I wonder who will replace him or how they will replace him. Will Int. DT Davon Walls be added to roster? Will Int. WR Tiquan Underwood return to the roster and 1 less Int. DL on roster?

Stay tuned.


As per CFL transactions of yesterday and today:

Int. QB Shiltz added to active roster,from practice roster.
Int. QG Jacory Harris from active roster to 1 game injured list.

Nat. OL Sean Jamieson added to active roster,from practice roster.
Nat. Ol Matt Vonk from active roster to 6 game injured list.

Nat. WR MacDonell added to active roster.

Int. DT Ray Drew released from active roster.
Nat. DL Ngoyi released from active roster.

Nat. DB Michael Carter added to active roster,from practice roster.

Nat. OL Mitchell added to practice roster.

Active roster at 46,i.e. 24 Int. and 22 Nat.

Practice roster at 8. 2 more spots available on practice roster.


Fairly certain Ray Drew started every game in which he dressed. Two games ago, he played almost the entire contest. Last week, Drew played much less because the Als used mostly the 3-4 and inserted in Branden Dozier. Drew did not make a difference in the pass rush, while affecting the ratio. But to be fair, nobody on the DL has stood out. I am guessing that the Als will predominately use 4 linebackers the rest of the season.

With Matt Shiltz now on the active roster, I wonder if the Als will use him in short yardage situations and/or special teams. If he just gets on the field, that would be an improvement considering Jacory Harris never did.

The Als I guess, still have a few wins in store since the East, apart from Toronto as long as Ray isn't hurt, will face a Hamilton team who couldn't win a Vanier Cup and an Ottawa team who's still not out of the woods IMHO. Against the West we may see a win though I doubt it will happen. Having said that, there's always the question of injuries which can be a decisive factor for all teams till the end of the season.

On his radio segment this morning Chapdelaine said DT Davon Walls would be dressing this week.

While they liked Drew in training camp, they were not happy with his production in games.

Thank you for the information,Sheldon.

Since there will be 3 spots/places on practice roster, I expect,unless new players are signed, that some players from roster or injured list will go to the practice roster; to me,the candidates are:

Nat. WR Seydou Junior Haidara, from 1 game injured list to practice roster.

1 of Nat. WR's Stephen and Scott MacDonnell from active roster to practice roster.

Int. DB/LB Jalen rogers from active roster to practice roster.


Joey Alfieri?

7m7 minutes ago

Tevaughn Campbell, who the Als acquired for Vernon Adams, is starting at field corner #AlsMTL

This will probably allow the Als to dress WR Tiquan Underwood.

And Campbell will obviously be tested by the Redblacks.

As per today's CFL transactions, the Als have:

Added Int. DT Davon Walls to active roster, from practice roster.

Added Nat. WR Scott MacDonell to practice roster,from active roster.

Added Nat. LS Chad Bushley to practice roster.