Redblacks at Alouettes 9/17/17

Game is an absolute must-win if the teamhopes to have any chance to makethe playoffs. Lose and for all practical purposes, the season isover. Team would not deserve any post-season play anyway if they cannot beat Ottawa without Trevor Harris. Since, the Als are now in desperation mode, I expect Philip Blake in the lineup if he is healthy.

League transactions has DE Ventral McMillan being released, FB Nate O'Halloran moving from the Active to Practice Roster, and the re-signing of WR TJ Graham and adding him to the Active Roster.

I do not want the Als to squeak into the playoffs (as remote as this may be). It will only give false hope and prolong the agony. This will be like pulling a band aid off slowly.
Changes are required, top to bottom. Pull off the band aid quickly, move on.

I agree. Worst yet, this team makes the playoffs and management thinks that what they are doing is working.

Year two of Durant reed and chap.

Please dear god no.

Seconded! Please no!

Well, at least Andrew Wetenhall is aware of the current situation and won't hesitate to act if the results on the field are still mediocre, even if the Als make the playoffs.

Didier Orméjuste?
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5 hours ago

Andrew Wetenhall: "Frankly this team could make the playoffs and still no jobs would be safe."

Didier left out the rest of the quote from Andrew:

"Except my job, because even though I screwed up and picked Kavis over Sunderland, I am the boss`s son and can do what I want!"

No one-fans,players management and owners- is satisfied with the results and it's normal. Changes could happen, but when you read the article there are more positive than negative comments from Mr.Andrew Wetenhall. Disappointed, but he did not say that the GM and or the HC will be replaced; everyone will be evaluated and decisions will then be made. Also positives comments from Patrick Boivin.


I am happy enough with the first statement about no jobs being safe that I would not have taken the shot ... in part because we really have no idea if the choice was his, Bob's, a Wettenhal majority, etc.

No surprise that he tries to focus on whatever positives he can find .... they still have to sell tickets.

As for not mentioning the GM/coach, that should never be said publicly until it is announced ... so no surprise.

Wetenhall go crawl back to your hole. Your team sucks, your coaches suck, your gm sucks and most of the decisions you have made recently suck. Admit your team sucks and a total rebuild is needed and i might care about this team again. Being pround of having a 3-8 record and talking about playoffs is just stupid.

Rant over!

Go Roughriders or Argos dont know what team has more of our ex players anymore i lost count.

There are still home games to be played. And the way attendance has been dropping, he is not going to say the team has no chance.
He needs to sell as many tickets as possible to limit the losses.
I do not expect anything negative until maybe season's end. And even at that not sure he will admit mistakes were made including his own.

Both those teams were behind the Als last season and have not moved ahead with even brighter futures.

According to Herb, John Bowman fractured a hand in last game against BC; if so, probably out for long time.


You sometimes see players with fractured hands playing with these club like casts. DT Mrabure in Sask. is a recent example. But I guess there are different degrees of fractures.

And Richard hang in there! We need someone to maintain sanity while the rest of us are losing our minds.

Thank you,Sheldon.


Looks like Bowman will be playing.

John Lu?Verified account
1h1 hour ago

Bowman will play Sunday vs #Redblacks with a partial cast on his left hand due to a small fracture sustained last week in BC.

Good News ...... with Quick focusing on the defence he could almost serve as aplayer-coach for the the rest of the season.

Als announce the addition of 6'6" 280lb DT Lawrence Okoye to the Practice Roster. Okoye represented England in the 2012 Olympics as a Discus Thrower and then decided to try football in 2013. He has since been with 6 NFL teams but has failed to ever make an Active Roster. Okoye chose football over an an opportunity to study law at Oxford University.

Then how smart can he be. :slight_smile: