RedBlacks are Hottest Ticket in Town!

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Smack dab in the middle of Hockey Country, in the midst of a wickedly cold and snowy winter, the RedBlacks are proving that there is a huge appetite for football in the Ottawa area.

With more than three months until their first home game at TD Place -- part of the magnificently spruced-up Lansdowne Park project -- the RedBlacks have already sold more than 14,000 season tickets.

"Fourteen thousand is another great milestone and in my mind, there are so many milestones ahead," said OSEG president of sports Jeff Hunt. "We continue to get tremendous traction and interest. It's really amazing.

"When you think about it, we're trying to sell football tickets in the height of hockey season -- in unseasonably bad weather. So you'd think we'd be a long way from people's minds. When we've seen nicer weather, we've seen a spike in activities.

"We're ahead of where we thought we'd be. I had been saying we hoped for 15,000 season tickets as a stretch goal. But 12,000 was kind of what we thought we might be happy with. I have a feeling 15,000 is in our not-too-distant future. And it makes me wonder how far we can go."

Sales of three-game mini packs have also been brisk. For as little as $69, you can get the mini pack, which includes a ticket to the July 18 home-opener (against the Toronto Argos) and two additional games. The team won't start selling single-game tickets until late June or early July.

On the football side, the RedBlacks will hold a two-day mini camp in Richmond, Va. Wednesday and Thursday. They will begin training camp May 31 at Carleton University.

Look for the team uniforms to be introduced sometime around May 10.

The team unveiled its stadium food menu Monday, announcing a partnership with Levy Restaurants -- and fans are in for a treat.

It starts with the Create Your Own Caesar cart. Food items include the RedBlacks Dog -- a premium hot dog topped with 14-hour smoked brisket, pulled pork sliders, garlic parmesan fries, a barbecued rib and duck wing combo platter and lobster mac and cheese. There's a heavy slant on local ingredients, including St-Albert grilled cheese.

"We want to have our concessions as something people will talk about in a positive way," said Hunt. "There's an association with stadium pricing that people look at as a bit of a negative. We're hoping we can change that. It's never going to be street prices. But we want concessions to be something people put in the asset column."

Things are coming along together nicely at the stadium. The wooden veil structure will soon be completed.

"Some stuff, you don't really notice, but the veil catches the eye. It's dramatic," said Hunt. "When I see people, the first question they ask is, 'How's the stadium coming along? I just say, 'It's great. We're on time.' For a year and a half, it's been the same boring answer."

It seems like so long ago that the nuisance that was the Friends of Lansdowne delayed construction of the stadium development -- and the return of Ottawa to the CFL. Seems like smooth sailing now.

"Knock on wood, but I'm delighted with the way things are going," said Hunt. "I'm overwhelmed by the reaction to the team. There's a real buzz in town. The Senators are still playing and people are talking about football."

Nice to hear (as long as the RB's don't beat my Cats of course! :wink: ). Great value CFL, hard hitting smack em sport with lots of history here in Canada with just enough home games at what 9-10 depending on if you make the playoffs that you're whole life doesn't centre around going to sports and also easier on the wallet than if you are paying for a 40 game schedule or some ridiculous amount in MLB at about 80 home games, no thanks.

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Been waiting 25 years for this. :wink:

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Not to put a damper on things here,but can anybody seriously take anything that Tim "the Shill" Baines writes without a large grain of salt? Remember this is the same writer who penned articles about how "terrific" REDBLACKS was as a name for the team and another article that was about how the little cricket boy Lonnie G. thought the name was for the team.I think it's terrific that the team is selling lots of tickets and all but when it comes to Baines just consider the source is all.Also for those who don't know or are unaware of,when Baines wrote for the Toronto Sun years back,his main schtick was a weekly coloumn on the World of Pro Rasslin' and the going ons in the WWE. :roll:

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Not sure how this article relates to your concerns?

Most of this article is direct quotes from Hunt or the concession menu.

Exactly. That he likes the name doesn't make him an incompetent. If anything, when he predicted that name would be the one, he got told he was full of crap. But he turned out to be right, so maybe that's cause to believe him.

The title of the article is a bit misleading along with the "selling tickets in the height of hockey season" comment as well.The Senators season is only 5 games and done for this year,they have been unofficially eliminated from play-off contention for a while now.The hottest ticket in town would've been Sens play-off tickets,without a doubt,so with only 5 games left in the season for the local team and with only a few months before the inaugural season of the RB's,how could they be any thing but the hottest ticket in town ?? Let's face it if the Sens were gearing up for a play-off run in the NHL,we all know who the hottest ticket in town would be.It is nice to know though and must give all fans a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside that Little Lonnie Glieberman has given his blessing and endorsement to the new franchise and nickname thereof and Mr Baines took the time to talk to him and get his opinion for all to read in the other article and to spin doctor and shill in another about how everybody should just "LOVE" the new name for the franchise.In the end I think it's terrific that things are going well in Ottawa and ticket sales are brisk and the food is going to be wonderful at the concessions,all I was trying to point out was the fact that IMO Baines is a classic corporate suckup and spin doctoring shill as a reporter is all,and you can agree or disagree with me on it,makes no matter to me any way.I have nothing against the RB's at all and welcome them back to the league,my pet peeve is this guy Baines puckering up looking to kiss someones you know what at every turn and calling himself a journalist :roll:

"For as little as $69, you can get the mini pack, which includes a ticket to the July 18 home-opener (against the Toronto Argos) and two additional games."

That's a FANTASTIC price. Lots of people should snap those up. And the stadium complex will look superb when it's finally finished.

As for:

I wonder what your first few journalism jobs were like. Most people start at the bottom and have to cover whatever their editor assigns them. It's called paying your dues.

I'm not sure why you think your axe is so dull, but the only way any writer improves is by writing, and if you happen to work for a living you usually have write about whatever pleases the people who sign your paycheque. It's his job. His job isn't necessarily to be overly negative and critical because he thinks that's what makes him a real journalist. Anybody can be critical about just about anything. Being critical is easy and often the laziest form of editorializing. Try writing positive things about things you might want to be critical about — that will really test your journalistic mettle.

I don't know if you know the man or not, but I suspect you don't really know how he thinks, and obviously, he's not going to write much that you happen to agree with since your negative opinion of him has been festering for so long.

I simply can't imagine why (and cheap shots about "Little Lonnie (sic) Glieberman" aside) you would expect the owners of a fledgling franchise to say anything but positive things about the buildup to its premier season. It's their job to spin positive.

Nothing is more affordable and worth every penny like a CFL game, be it in any city.

I did a quick calculation on the Ticats ticket site and despite the uncertainty about the completion of THF, season ticket sales are pretty much matching Ottawa’s tremendous pace.

In Hamilton, there are only: 26 season tickets left in the lowest-priced $24 per ticket “Family Section”; 226 @ $39; 1417 @ $45; 2453 @ $62.50 and 335 @ $84 = totaling 4470 remaining tickets. The Cats will probably cap their season ticket sales around 18-19,000, which means they’ve sold about 13,500 to 14,500 seasons tickets so far, with a couple months left to go. The best seats are mostly gone in each section with the bulk of the remaining seats between the 5 yd to 20 yd lines @ $45 - $62.50. Single game ticket prices will be commensurately higher. The upper deck seems to be most popular with only 1449 season tickets remaining.