REDBLACKS announce signing of Jeremiah Masoli

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS have signed veteran American quarterback Jeremiah Masoli to a two-year deal, the club announced Monday.

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Way to go Jeremiah, now go kick some Hamilton ass.

That depends on which one shows up that game: East Final Masoli or Grey Cup Masoli.

All I know is he came off the bench(after Evans had accomplished squat) in the Grey Cup & came within 2 fingertips(Nichols, of course) of winning it for you. And this is how Hamilton rewards him? If that single pass had been completed without Nichols heroics Masoli would be the forever golden boy in Hamilton. He'd never have pay for a beer again in his life. Don't mean to rant on you, but I'm still mad about this.

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As Tiger Cat fan I have very mixed feelings about Masoli. I have no doubt that he can be a great QB, but he was inconsistent and at times lacked intensity - other times he was great. He was given every opportunity in Hamilton and it didn't work out for him - I wish him well in Ottawa - but not too much luck.

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Agree. There were some "fustrating" ( as the great Chris Walby would say) outings from Masoli. When he was on he was superb, but those other games.... Thats why Cats were fortunate to have a 1A and 1B QB situation for the last couple years.

NOT just your QB was inconsistent, the entire team was... why insist on blaming one player....
there certainly are times when the finger can be pointed at one player but the ticat team as whole was inconsistent all season not just the one QB. If Ottawa can get an O-line in front of your former QB they will do damage... the problem is almost every team in the league is looking to shore up lackluster O-lines and that means some will be on the outside looking in and experiencing fan wrath for not getting the talent required

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I hope Jeremiah Masoli will further develop his 8 year career in the nations capitol. He has been plagued with numerous injuries over his up and down career. Perhaps a change of scenery will benefit him, at age 33 his career is winding down. I hope he stays healthy and productive, when your coming off back to back 3 Wins seasons, there is nowhere to go but up. Best of luck with the Ottawa Redblacks. :exclamation:

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