Don’t call me Crazy,
BUT, I have a feeling the game may be determined by how tough and prepared the Rider Special Teams are going to be especially Kick Return Coverage.

Stupid selfish play by McCray. Didn’t put the team first.

Expect a more aggressive showing with the Defense Rush. Ottawa OL doing good but still think the DeFense is not playing to it’s potential.
Riders better pick it up in second half as if it wasn’t for the interceptions it wouldn’t be looking very good
Offense needs to put first downs together…more than just a couple in the Second Half
Not an easy win at this point

I have to say. I am becoming a believer that we can go all the way, All phases played well, but need to stop taking all these stupid penalties, A few places to improve, but Cody is playing like a vet. It seems this team has really come together and are tight, love the bling LOL, they really where having fun!! Great game guys!!

Yup a believer too. Fajardo doing great.
Gotta say though, we beat a team at present that is disorganized and weak with no confidence.
The Riders will have to play “a lot” better then they did today if there’s going to be any chance of beating Winnipeg, who aren’t disorganized and have mountains of confidence.
Really they will have to play way more aggressive imo.

I could not agree more, and take a lot less dumb penalties. That will kill them against the Bombers!!