Redblacks @ Als 6/6/19

Not a bad throw on the run for a guy with no arm.
Poor Sherman, he’s going to come out of camp with no clue who is QB is.

Is it really necessary to not sell tickets in the corners especially in the one section your about on the 10 yard line just higher up .

Sat there before it’s not low end .

Must be a better way to do things .

In terms of the game . Not bad .

The Als playing well enough against the RB’s for the first half .

Still not a Bede fan . So much out there .

Anyone know why Als are in white?



How was Pipkin?

Average. He completed one 72 yard pass for a TD, then not very much. Only 5 for 10.

Big arm
Going through his reads

Timing is off

Big step up from last year (albeit against scrubs)

Thanks HfxTC and Johnny

The Als’ offensive line has been awful in the run game. They certainly need to be able to run with our QBs.

The defense hasn’t generated much pressure on the opposing QB.

Defensive line has put zero pressure on Ottawa… I hope they are hiding something otherwise it will be another ugly season.


Agreed. But, what Johnny wants to see is Adams stand in the pocket and make all the throws.

He deserved it


You got be kidding looking forward to Hugo Richard .

Okay that was a nice break .

Crapped the bed too bad .



Who impressed me:

On defence, Greg Reid and Antonio Simmons.

On offence, Vernon Adams.

Agreed. Maybe Adams will be the starter.

I certainly agree Greg Reid and Antonio Simmons were impressive on defense. I would add Quan Bray on offence.

Simmons really looked like a pure pass rusher coming off the edge. Now it`s up to the coaching staff to develop a guy like that.

The o-line seemed to do a decent job in pass protection, but certainly not in their run blocking. We can`t keep putting our young QBs in 2nd and long situations.

And I want to see a little more creativity out of Khari Jones.

Best wishes to Herb from his fellow Als reporters.

Have always given OCs and DCs a pass in pre-season because you can only get so many people ready this early … but his history does not suggest treason for optimism that it will change once the season starts.