Redblacks @ Als 6/6/19

Hopefully they may manage to play 3-4 straight games together before hitting IR … may not end up being good enough but at least it will be proven and not just assumed.

Position Chart has Vernon Adams at #2, Matt Shiltz at #3 and Jeff Mathews at #4.

Think it is those two fighting for #3 and need the snaps for Sherman to make a final decision … Adams being #2 may be a slight hint at where they stand going in.

Heureusement que Washington et Wilson sont là pour donner un semblant de crédibilité à cette ligne offensive

Voici l’alignement partant:

Wilson n’était pas un partant l’an dernier à Calgary… c’est dire comment on est désespéré.

Redblacks will not be playing any of their starters. Als will be playing their starters.


Nous avons une infinité de problèmes, mais il y a au moins deux positions où nous devrions tout de même être assez solides: le porteur de ballon et la ligne de défense secondaire

Obviously, QB is not the strength on this team. Mathews dropping to #4 might be related to a minor injury rather than a demotion. Still based on their play so far, nobody’s spot should be considered secure. Especially if a serviceable QB becomes available this weekend.

DB Tommie Campbell
DB Marcus Cromartie
S Taylor Loffler
LB Bo Lokombo
LB Jason Hall
LB Henoc Muamba
LB Patrick Levels
LB Jermaine Robinson
DL Woody Baron
DL John Bowman
OL Tony Washingon
OL Tyler Johnstone
OL Sean Jamieson
OL Luc Brodeur-Jourdain
WR Steven Adekolu
RB Ryder Stone
RB Shaq Murray-Lawrence
LS Martin Bedard
KR Stefan Logan

DB Justin Strong
DB Cody Cranston
LB Kevin Haynes
DL Latarius Brady (released 6/1/2019)
OL Damian Love (released 6/4/2019)
OL Zach Annen
WR Chris Brown (released 6/4/2019)
QB Chris Merchant
WR Chris Osei-Kusi
WR Alex Morrison
RB Josh Cleveland (released 6/2/2019)
RB Asnnel Robo

Listed on Website Roster, but not dressed in either game.
WR Andrew Bennett
DB Ciante Evans
WR Trevor Graham (injured list 5/29/2019)
DB Lekan Idowu (released 5/25/2019)
LB Glenn Love (released 5/15/2019)
DB Juan Tamayo

The fact, that none of the QB has gotten an edge on the group, probably means, there isn’t one who’s starter material.

So… Sherman will have no idea what he’s looking at and any evaluation will be next to worthless.

Just found out the game is on RDS tonight! Is it on TSN? We’ll get to see the Als play against a bunch of scrubs! ;D

If we lose against Ottawa’s C squad, that would be sad and pathetic…

I will not be surprised if the C Squad pull off a W against the Als.

Yes, the game is on TSN along with RDS.Radio 98.5 FM and TSN 690.


The game is also on ESPN+ (time is PDT):

[tr][td][th]Canadian Football League[/th]
[tr][td]4:30 PM[/td]
[td]Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes (Canadian Football League - Preseason)[/td]

Did Ciante Evans report to the team since he signed because i didnt ear of him yet !?

He broke his wrist in April in the AAFL. He won’t practice for at least another month or two.

Just put on the game, 2 plays and Adams has a TD pass.

ok bro thanks for the ciante evans info :slight_smile: