Redblacks add to firepower with howitzer celebrating touchdowns

Redblacks add to firepower with howitzer celebrating touchdowns

Good news and bad news for the folks — you know who you are — who get upset at the roar of military planes soaring over the Stadium at TD Place during Redblacks games.

The good news is there will be no flybys Friday night when the Redblacks face the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The bad news for some, and good news for others, is the 30th Field Artillery Regiment will be in the house for fan appreciation night.

And they’re bringing their little friend, a 105-mm C3 howitzer.

The powerful piece will be firing a (blank) round for each Redblacks TD.
So the noise warnings are in effect.

But more good news: “All safety precautions are being taken to ensure there is no threat to the public.?
Good to know.


Let's just keep that thing silent tonight. One last road win would be great!

Looking forward to us beating Ottawa this evening...

::)Yaaa ,okay...... good luck with that !!!

;D;D...... READY , AIM , FIRE !!!;D ;D

Something else in today's Ottawa Sun caught my eye:
A reporter, yesterday, asked Coach Jones if he'll "stay on as the TiCats' coach next year.
His reply: "I'm going to step away from it for seven to 15 days, or so, and make a decision. But, I feel really good about the people in Hamilton. I feel really good about the players."

Does that mean an offer has been made and the club is awaiting an answer from Jones? Prior to reading this, everything he's said, locally, gave me the impression that he was very interested and awaiting, or anticipating, an official expression of interest, or a contract offer, from the club.

What I'm looking for tonight.

Remember the Winnipeg boat celebration? Ahhh, good times. What kind of fun could the Cats have with a field gun celebration?

I'll be the D keeps the barrel cold. The RB should have saved the fuel in dragging the thing out there.

Wow, was I off with that prediction. Started off pretty good then....

I hope the Redblacks are paid for this and not the Canadian taxpayers.

My question is answered:

There must have been shrapnel EVERYWHERE after Fridays game...