REDBLACKS add National K/P Michael Domagala

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS have signed National kicker/punter Michael Domagala, the team announced on Tuesday.

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They have Ward & Leone & they’re signing another kicker?

A kicker who is not very good I might add .

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Stats in Usports are unimpressive. Not drafted. Head scratcher, why is he not fighting fires?

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Another failed ex-tigercat move by Shawn Burke
Thats all he has on his roll-o-dex


Maybe he’s not very good at that either ?

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He’s probably an insurance policy if the starter is down .

Torn pec? What did he do, lift a heavy doughnut in the buffet line?

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While I am not an Ottawa fan, I do appreciate the loss of this player to the team - he was a valuable asset - particularly when they are fighting for a playoff spot. But as a Tiger Cat fan, I can’t pretend that I don’t have a smile on my face.

Fighting for a playoff spot ? In what year ?