LOOOOOOKING GOOOOOOOOOD :thup: :thup: :thup: :wink: :cowboy: :lol:THE PLAIDBLACKS :lol: :thup:

Not bad. I am sure they will look great. Would have preferred the old Rough Rider uniforms but...

Oh man, if the plaid jersey is actually real that is the worst jersey I have ever seen! The black one is pretty decent. Would prefer white pants with red trim.

Plaid no good! Looks like the end zone in Guelph...

Who's the Head Coach? Al Borland?

It's a joke, he posted this on the Ottawa site

Plaid shirt? stylish, the CFL does need a style shake up.

I don't think so, Tim.


The Plaid couldn't look any worse than the Hamilton 3rd uniforms. :lol: Might be good to have a Scottish day for all the wee Laddies and Lassies in Ottawa. :slight_smile:

if they really want to make it look good.

you go a Black Jersey with red and White #'s. and BLACK pants with Red and White stripes.

JUST like the old Rough Rider Jerseys.

then road uniforms.

White jerseys with red and Black #'s with Black pants with red and White stripes.

this is obviously a farce/joke as there would not be 2 solid colored jerseys.

That said, I actually like the plaid…something different. I have said for some time a camo 3rd J for someone would be sweet. I’d buy either…ok, I’d buy both.

They can hire these two as mascots. I think they are retired.

Yeah, THAT'S what gave it away. :smiley:

I despise camo jerseys and will be upset if any team does it. When the U of S Huskies did it they looked terrible. Man I hate Camo.

That plaid jersey would make a great third jersey.

I know several persons that have expressed interest in the idea. Not everyone is going to like it...that is the point of trying new things...

I hope this link works, because the guy whe designed these knows what he's doing:

[url=] ... 32/photo/1[/url]

Love the logo as it's at least close to, but not the same as the old "R" ID but I'm scared about the plaid top....hope there's no kilts to go with that.

First tackle would hear a monstrous "ewwwwwwwww" from the ladies in the crowd!

The best looking design, looks like the old Renegades or Roughriders. I would like to see the plaid but only if they were plaid pants, maybe wear them on Scottish night, have some Celtic music etc