I think it should be RECOGNIZED and APPLAUDED that our very own mod, Red, is a man who gives up his own time and money to help less fortunate people in foreign lands. There are many good people out there that help thanklessly, not because it’s in their job or career description, but because it’s in their belief to help others.

Thanks Red. You’re a good man and a shining example.

…thanks Dan, but really off-topic here lol…hope you dont’ mind I moved this to the stampeders forum…

I don’t mind at all…Where else can I put something like this if I want to say it ? I was going to comment on us not having an off-topic forum anymore but I wanted the post to be solely about the work you are doing.

Hey. I’ve never been in this here Calgary forum before. It’s a nice place. All warm and confident with a dose of winning thrown in… What do you Stamps fans complain about anyhow ? Is anybody complaining about that 1 loss you guys have ? ;D

Red, I wrote what I did about you hoping others would pipe in and maybe you could have told us about your journey. A few pics would have been nice too, just to show the unheard side of Christianity. God knows we get enough negativity as it is.

Respect to you Red.