RedandWhite, Horus, Supertoe, Sportsmen, Supersmith, ...

… and all the other regulars: Get your asses in there…

[url=] ... 0702#10702[/url] :D

Looks like fun…but WAY too time consuming… :roll:

thanks for the plug Third

Nah, too complecated, I’m happy with Horus!'s Pick the teams league.

Thanks, but no Thanks! :wink:

too complicated? you pick 13 players…cmon

You want me to think?

Can I get a list of players by position???

I’m to lazy to go to each teams site and get a roster!!!

i can ake a list of the most popular (starters and backups) but i’d have to ask to have it turned into a sticky by the mods.

Thanks, Eskies 32001, I already picked. I did it so scientifically…I wore a blindfold and pulled names out of a hat.

its a proven method

No problem… don’t we all just want to have fun? I feel we need our hardcore posters in it with us.

Speaking of hardcore poster, you haven’t posted YOUR picks yet, have you?

Keep the young un in line Third!

By the way I only quickly glanced over how the points are awarded…To be honest, its so much work I’m going to TRUST you completely and not even check you on your additions…

Just be careful Eskimos 32001, If you get a girl friend in mid season, you won’t have time for this!..LOL Stats take a long time to do!

Naw, I’m not good at fantasizing…unless it’s …" Tom Clements drops back…Tony Gabriel all alone in the End-zone…TOUCHDOWN!!!

That’s the only thing I fantasize about happening here in Ottawa again someday.

Thanks anyways…have fun.

Go Rough, er, I mean, Rens, Go!

That’s what a prolonged exposition to the House of Commons will do to someone. Stay away from that blackhole!

Alright, I’ll put together a team tonight. Can’t think about it too much right now.

Let’s get some more bodies in the Huddle-ites on FSN too.

im not participating on this one…people will accuse me of cheating if i win…im running the league, but i wont participate.

maybe ill get in on a couple of weeks, but not now. gonna see how it goes first.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, you’re right.
But we have that blackhole here and you have that balckhole there: Bombardier. :lol: :lol:
Maybe the people at the BOMB can re-direct some money to Quebec City for a franchise? :wink: