Red Zone

Trying to find Red Zone stats.. any idea where I can find them? Thanks.

dont you mean green zone stats :wink:

I don't think there are any. Its just a term that announcers like to use.

each team probably keeps their own stats.

Right.. Green Zone. :slight_smile:

Thanks... everybody makes such a big deal about it, you would think the stats are somewhere. Thanks anyways.

I'd actually like to know the redzone stat for the Esks. I think the CFL should keep track of this stat.

Can someone give me an example or two of a "red zone stat"? I'm a football dummy.

ooh, thats almost as bad as being a crash test dummy :wink:

How many times a team gets to the red zone. How many times they score a TD or settle for a FG. How many times they turn it over. Etc.

now explain the difference between red zone and green zone :wink:

Oh, I know this one! They're the same in almost all aspects, except that a green zone is more arrogant!

The red zone is commonly used to describe the "scoring zone" on the field, normally inside the 20 yd lines where a team is expected to score at that point on the field. In the CFL some commentators and teams refer to this scoring zone as the "green zone" as in "go for the score". A teams ability to score in this zone is referred to their "red zone stats". Some Don Mathews coached teams considered anywhere inside the 30-yd line as the red zone and the QB was expected to try an endzone pass from that position.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!! Tremendous! That's an early candidate for post of the year!

(I always hated that some just had to be different and call the Red Zone something else!)