Red Zone


You hit it right on the head. Too many points left on the field again.
I wrote a post earlier attributing things like this to " growing pains. " Were not yet sophisticated enough to perform like Mtl. and Cgy. in these situations, so enduring these maddening failures will be our lot for a while. However , the overall improved play is compensation. Just to watch them move the ball ( to the Red Zone..ouch !) a real football so gratifying. As well, they continue to improve steadily...and win. Heck, we could be 7 - 2 ( Edm., Sask.)without the miscues. The " Killer Instinct" only comes when you KNOW you CAN do it, and that just comes with becoming 1 UNIT, not 12 players. Then they can put in the wrinkles,the cute plays, without worrying about blown assignments or foolish penalties. By seasons end, we should be much more satisfied...and not losing so much hair !
C`mon Friday !!!


"red zone" does mountain dew still make that stuff?

That been talked about in few threads
I agree our Special Teams and Defence Have us Chances for 7 Points
we come away with Field Goals and Singles not good
If this had been Montreal or a West Team we could have lost ..

The Only Times in Game I want to see Nick Setta is Extra points and Kickoffs.
having 3 is nice but to play with Big Boys you need put the Dagger in Deep every Time.
Score Majors This should not have been close as it was .

We Lack a Killer attitude in the Redzone.
The Playcalling need Improvement.

Old Spice makes 'Red Zone'; Mountain Dew makes 'Code Red'