Red Zone, Red Zone!!

After laster year Zach Collaros and crew were last in the CFL in Red Zone scoring, well guess what first game of the year and it's back again. This team cannot rely on defensive TD's and special teams TD's to win ball games they have to actually score some TD's on offence at least one or two per game would be nice along with the other TD's which should be just an added bonus to great play.

Collaro's gets in the Red Zone and for whatever reason he can't punch the ball in the end zone, pass, rush, run whatever? We end up settling for field goals, don't get me wrong Medlock is great and glad we have him but come on Tiger-Cats lets see some offensive scoring for a change!!


I think you are judging a little early. There was only one offensive major in the whole game, played between two great defensive teams. Give the offence a few games to work it out, although I think that the lack of a running game definitely limits red zone options. I would love to see what Zach could do with a Calgary's ground attack. It would help if they could get Gable or Grigsby back.

No Doubt, but a great test against Calgary and you would think the Cats would come out with at least a TD on offence.

Last year we made it to the Grey Cup but had the lowest scoring rating in the red zone in the CFL, so many times old habits come back to bite you again and I hope this gets cleared up by next week in Winnipeg.


Do not forget, my friends, that we stopped CALGARY from scoring in the Red Zone TWICE in the most dramatic of fashions (Craig Butler's INT in the end zone, and the goal-line stand by the entire D)!

I appreciate that our D played well, but the fact is that, last year, Calgary scored TD's on 70% of their red zone trips (I think it was something like 43 out of 60) and we scored on 19 of 47(?), or about 40%...we need to up that 40 and keep opponents under 70, like we did tonight...but we did get out-red-zone-TD'd again.

But the discussion is about NOT scoring TDs in the red zone not about the "D" - that same "D" couldn't stop the Calgary offense when it mattered in the last 2 minutes.

I'm sorry, but are my eyes deceiving me when I read the title "Red Zone, Red Zone!!"? I was merely pointing out that other teams are not perfect in red zone scoring, including the Grey Cup Champions, as proven last night, by some great defensive play by our Tiger-Cats.

Or is this discussion thread simply another means for the regular malcontents that ONLY show up after a loss to trash the team?

I thought so...

Talk about red zone?? What about the stupid play call that my 11 year old grandson warned against a few minutes before he threw that wide out which was intercepted for a touchdown. Really coaches!! an 11 year old kid knew it would be really stupid and professional coaches didn’t? This loss is on the coaches AGAIN…the players looked great!

That was a combination of poor execution on Collaros' part, and an excellent play by the defender. Zach double-pumped the football, and threw it both low and late; he took full responsibility for the INT, as shown in Drew's post-game interview ... to-stamps/

But we have the BEST D in the CFL

huh? so when Drew says the same thing he's praised by you? but if I repeat or quote Drew "I'm a regular malcontent" ?
Only reporters can criticize the "red zone" problems, not posters? I think you forget what the forumns are all about and what Bob Young has said - you can disagree with people, argue etc but don't attack other posters

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The Ticats had an opportunity to close out the game on both offence and defence in the final minutes but couldn’t pick up a crucial first down, then allowed Calgary to move 42 yards in 41 seconds to set up the winning field goal.