red zone = dead zone

Maybe we have to put Chang in once we get to the red zone :wink:

Maybe we should at least try Chang. Hopefully he starts next game

red zone = dead zone, i like that, might have to be my new signature :slight_smile:

You know what, I was actually thinking a similiar thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why NOT just put in Chang in those situations? Because Maas can move it down the field good enough, but what the heck happens when he gets inside the 30?

we will never win or go anywhere with Maas at the helm.

what makes me laugh. Is how everytime the guy misses in the red zone. He winces and grimaces. Its like every game hes doing that. Sure the guy has a lot of heart. You can see he wants to win, but he doesn`t the ability to put in the end zone. Maas in the entire game threw maybe 4 or 5 balls over 20 yards

Have we scored a TD in the red zone this year? Gardner's TD was a bomb, Ralph's TD was a bomb...anyone know?

I just got back from the game and I have to say, aside from Ryan Glasper having a little trouble in deep coverage at halfback and the lack of consistent pressure on the quarterback, the team played pretty well.

I know a lot of the blame is going to fall on Jason Maas and the red zone offense, but I did notice the offense stayed within the gameplan and moved the ball well by taking what the Bombers gave them and had some very creative play calls. Once they get their red zone playbook ironed out, everything will be fine.

The bottom line is this is the CFL and you have to score touchdowns to win. But I like the progress the offense that Charlie et al is installing. I can't wait to see it when it is a finished product. Regardless of who is at quarterback. :wink:

  • paul

ps. 0 - 5 hurts right now, but once they break the seal and learn how to win, the wins will come with ease!