Red Zone Conversion Percentage (TD only)

I've been looking for CFL stats on this, but haven't found anything.

In the NFL (2017), the best conversion percentage was 68.97% by Jacksonville.
The worst was 39.58% by Denver.

With the wider field and deeper endzone, I'd expect the CFL to have a high percentage but can't validate. But, I suppose the 3-down vs. 4-down offense could drastically sway this stat from one league to another.

I think this is what your after:

Scroll down to the 6th category for red zone stats.

Geez TSN was saying on Saturday that the Ti-Cats offence had 44 downs of football without scoring a TD until the Saunders TD late in the fourth against Ottawa??

So much for the high power run and shoot offence plan??

This is the biggest aspect of the offence that needs to be fixed. Fix this and a lot of other issues will be resolved as a result

Thanks - lots of good data here. It's close to the question... I was trying to see how many times the TC's made it into the Red Zone that resulted in a touchdown. This information shows how many times the Red Zone was penetrated and points were put on the board. But obviously, some is better than none!

Yup...two offensive touchdowns in 12 quarters of football.