Red Storey passes on

Red Storey's first passion was football and I thought I'd share with you the following from one of my books on Grey Cup history:

The Storey Story - 1938 Grey Cup

The great Canadian player talent Lew Hayman had been stockpilling for Argos, came of age in 1938 and not a day too soon. Ottawa Rough Riders were collecting some excellent Canadian material as well and mixing them in with a few judiciously selected imports like Stan (Windy) O'Neil, a talented running back. Outstanding Canadians with Ottawa included Andy Tommy, Tommy Daley and Murray Griffin, to go with veterans Tiny Herman, Bunny Wasdsworth, Dave Sprague, Leo Seguin, Rick Perley, Tony McCarthy, Curly Moynihan, Orville Burke and kicker George Fraser.

Ottawa tied Argos for first place, but they just weren't quite ready to take over. Argos won the two-game series 9-1 and 5-3 and followed up with a 25-8 win over Sarnia Imperials who were wearing down after their fine years.

Winnipeg won the West after finishing in a first-place tie with Calgary. The Bombers had to beat off third-place Regina 13-0 before downing Calgary in the two-game final series 12-7 and 13-2.

That set up a Toronto-Winnipeg Grey Cup confrontation that produced the greatest one-man show in Cup history. With Argos trailing 6-7 going into the last quarter, Alvin (Red) Storey went to work and scored threee touchdowns in less than 12 minutes.

First he put Argos in front with a 28-yard burst from scrimmage. Next he scored on a short run after he had raced 37 yards with an interception return. Shortly after that he took a lateral pass from Bob Isbister, and ran 102 yards to the Winnipeg four-yard line from where Argos scored on the next play. Storey's third touchdown came on a 12-yard run. All of which Storey accomplished before the largest Grey Cup game crowd to that time - 18,778.

Lew Hayman had so much pure talent that year that he used two complete backfield units, but of course the players were interchangeable. In the second last game of the Big Four schedule, Argos walloped Montreal Cubs 58-13 and in the process added to Canadian football lore. The game was noteworthy in that it each of three brothers scored a touchdown. Here's how:
Bill Stukus passed to Annis Stukus for a touchdown; Annis Stukus passed to Frank Stukus for a touchdown and Bill Stukus scored two touchdowns on his own."

Rest in peace Alvin, we are honoured for your accomplishments in Canadian football. Thank you from all football fans in Canada.

I had just made a reference to him last week on here on how his knowledge of the game of football is extensive and how in his book, Red's Story, he talks about how the American influence has ruined the CFL. I highly recommend this to everyone. Wonderful read.

I never saw Red Storey play football or referee but everything I've read or heard about him has been very positive. He was truly a great athlete in football and a colorful referee and commentator. I would put him right up there with Lionel Conacher and Annis Stukas as great sports legends of their era.

A few years ago A TV station ran clips of Red doing the speaking tour. I wish I could have attended a few of those. Sounded like a great guy!