Red Riders Vs Green Riders

Since the Bomber game is over already,lets talk about the Blacks vs the Riders.
I hope that Harris gets a horrible 24 hour flu and Smith goes in and kicks the Riders fuckin arseholes up and down the field.
Just to stuff it up the egotistical Jones. Like Smith had a decent passing completion percentage, and had a decent TD to INT ratio, but Jones probably didnt like the colour of socks he worn one morning, so he got cut.
Like Jones cut him, and never even had a replacement. Jones picked up Gale after the season already started.

So, any comments for tommorrow?
Can the Redblacks go undefeated this season?

If you get your wish the Redblacks probably lose. I liked Brett Smith's fire and intensity but he's not the type of QB that's going to win you a ton of games. He doesn't get rid of the ball quick enough and on a team with as many weapons as the Redblacks that would hurt them.

Do you think Gale is better than Smith?

Smith isn't even dressed for the game regardless. He's still on the practice roster. Brock Jensen would go in and he's given little cause for confidence. Given the choice, I'd take my chances with Smith too.

Why was he cut anyways?.

[i]Was that a serious question? No, the Redclacks will not go undefeated. Hell no!

They are a very good team in a season of mediocre teams. They are not special.

It's not how good they are, It's how much the rest of the league sucks. They should have beat Calgary too.

He showed just as much in a about a 4 minute period last week than Smith has shown. Small sample size, but I feel that, yes he is better. He's also been in the league longer and is more of a prototypical QB.

I was surprised they cut Smith outright, but I think they felt his ceiling wasn't much higher than what he'd shown already.

Highly unlikely, going undefeated is extremely tough.

They are, however, clearly the best team in the league right now. Barring some kind of injury or severe lapse in focus, they should dismantle the Green Riders.

I was surprised somewhat that Smith was cut by the Riders, especially with the rotating inexperienced Qb's being brought in week to week. However, watching him in the pre-season games, he never looked settled. He never set his feet for throws, he was always bouncing around.

I hope the game isn't a blow out, the Riders are going to need the defence to come up huge to have a chance.

They certainly won't go undefeated. It's not like they appear to be flawless when you watch them. They actually tend to start a little slow. They might move the ball some, but they don't score a lot of points early. They fumbled away early opportunities in Edmonton and Montreal. They get their fair share of penalties, too.

Four straight home games after this, separated down the middle by a bye-week. Would it be completely shocking if Edmonton or BC beat them? Hardly. But it's nice to have been able to survive injuries to win a bunch of road games, that's for sure.

The Mitchell Gale era has begun?

Cut out the swearing. Use your vocabulary. :wink:

For all the complaining about Calgary's black helmets, the Redbacks sure wear a lotta white on the road.

Sack and a near pick. Saskatchewan to settle for 3.

4 guys around Collins - springs loose for decent yardage. FG end result.

Harris down. Ugh...

Unfortunate injury I’d say - in wellness to Trevor Harris.

Looked bad on the replay. Hope it is not too serious.