Red! Not that awful Black!

First off, the Stamps are RED and white with black trim…we should NEVER be wearing black jerseys or helmets at any time! we lose mostly when we do this because that is NOT our color!..look back at the history of this team and you’ll see no black garbage there anywhere!..enough is enough dudes!..rid us of the black-crap and keep the Big Red Machine alive and well!

Agreed wholeheartedly. This overuse of black - Saskatchewan was doing it for a while too, but seems to have smartened up - is ridiculous and needs to stop ASAP. The Stamps should use it only to outline the numbers/letters and for trim. And what is with this trend (Calgary,Edmonton and Sask) towards different coloured road helmets? Can't these teams find a better place to spend their money?

Agree as well. Calgary will have no choice but to ditch the ugly black helmets when Ottawa comes back into the league next year. I hope they also bring back white pants with the red jerseys for home games, those black pants make them look like they're wearing leotards.

Your braintrust seem Hell-Bent on wearing black lids! I was PO'd to see them break them out again this year! Uuuuugly!

But, if you're gonna' wear 'em, do it right!

Sharp looking helmet to be sure, but not for the Stamps. The horse is always white. You can look at pictures from the 1970s; even on the away white unis the shoulder patch is a white horse.

Not bad, not bad at all. Not so stark as what they wear. But I still like the red helmets. :slight_smile:

Most definitely. Red's the ONLY way to go!

This alternate/third/throwback/special occasion helmet thing is getting nauseating. Everybody's trying to be Oregon. :roll:

Couldn't agree more.