Red Ink Flowing at Record Rate in Phoenix

According to this article by Paul Waldie on the Globe and Mail website tonight, the Phoenix Coyotes have lost $15.9 Million since July 1, 2009 and they are on pace to lose close to $50 Million this season. NHL Deputy Commissioner William Daly believes that this will not affect interest in buying the team.

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Hey Gary, where are all the interested parties?

What a Ferengi


Did you hear the comments from the owner of the Sharks (I think it was him, I know it was a California NHL owner). He said (I am parahrasing)...

"Jim B should be an owner. The other owners want him as an owner by the head office does not."


In my opinion, Jim B should have played coy after the Penguin fiasco. If he had, he would have a team by now.

To me the NHL is like a beautiful girl... the less you pay attention to her, the more she tries to get your attention.


I have cat hair in my keyboard. Damn cat!!! :frowning:

“I don’t expect that publicly reported loss numbers will have any impact whatsoever on our ability to sell the club,? Daly said in an e-mail yesterday.

Daly subscribes to the P.T. Barnum philosophy......"there's a sucker born every minute!" Because that's what the next owner will be if he tries to make a go of it in Phoenix.

[i]The San Jose Sharks joined in the league-wide unanimous vote against Jim Balsillie's bid for ownership this summer. Compton's comments to Sports Business Daily signal that either he has changed his opinion on the Phoenix Coyotes' ability to become financially viable, was never in agreement with the Sharks final decision to begin with, or that overwhelming pressure from the league office influenced their decision to join the 25 other owners who took part in this process. And who's to say that pressure was only felt in San Jose? Implying that the league's owners weren't the ones locking out Jim Balsillie is a pretty damning statement.

Compton said Research-in-Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie should be an NHL owner and called the Coyotes fiasco a "joke." Compton said, "Jim loves hockey. Jim's got a lot of money. Jim's got a lot of passion." Compton said he was "100%" certain Balsillie will be an NHL owner in the future. When asked why the owners were locking out Balsillie, he said he did not know. He added, "Owners aren't."[/i]

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I am not sure how much of what is in your post you wrote yourself but... it is really well written. Well put.
Kevin :smiley:

P.S. I believe it was all 3.

Only the very last line. That's why it is italicized and followed by "The above is from"

Doesn't matte what any owner says now thy voted NO TO JIM

doesn't matter the reasons doesn't matter if they felt pressured (scaredy cat babies) doesn't matter what blubbering sounds come out of their mouths now ...

Fact is they voted NO. Including that guy so now he is just a hypocrite.

Way to try and save face sharks owner you try and look good but end up sounding like a gutless moron

Kevin Comptom is the number one money guy in the Sharks' ownership group, but he is not the governor who voted on behalf of the Sharks.

Votes change. Remember, Balsiilie was approved unaninmously before. Just goes to show what a sham the NHL voting process really is.

The fact is there are a lot of teams in the US losing money big time, we know this. Almost every team in the south and west are failing. The NHL doesn't want these teams to fold it just doesn't look good. Having NHL teams in every region of the US is important to the NHL brass and is a sign of strength. The fact that most are losing money left right and centre and are being propped up by rich owners, consortiums and the host cities is secondary. The NHL is intent on keeping the 26 teams, even if only 8 or so make a profit. They are hoping that some day they'll get a TV contract, that's where the money is. The TV networks will only look at a league that is representative coast to coast.
If you only have teams in the Northeast even though all these teams would be making money it doesn't matter its a sign of weakness.
The NHL will only face reality when teams start folding and the NHL can no longer prop them up.

That U.S. TV contract has been a pipe dream for decades now. If hasn't happened by now, it ain't happening.

If they stay the course of Bettman's strategy, its' just a matter of time until his house of cards comes crashing down.

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Looks good on Bettman. How he holds on to his job is a total mystery to me. A number of his US teams are in deep trouble and his mandate to get a US TV contract is not even close to becoming a reality.

An Argo-Cat fan

I find this hilarious -- and I'm sure this is exactly what Jim was thinking when he quietly exited stage-left at the end of the court proceedings.

I'm sure he knew that greedy owners would run out of patience fast once the pocket book started to come under fire. The Sharks are a successful team, I'm sure other owners have their ears wide open when someone like this speaks out.

Good on him for having the 'nads to speak up.

So last week I spent the day at West Edmonton mall with some of the family. I popped into a sports store that had oodles of NHL memorabilia. Well...I began chatting with the owner and before you knew it...we were in a rather heated debate regarding Bettman...NHL...and Balsillie.

This store owner was defending Bettman up down and sideways as the next saviour for saving the Oilers a number of years ago. Of course his argument involved the fact that Bettman set up the revenue sharing system which when the Cdn dollar was low, prevented the loss of the Oilers. He also blamed the removal of the Jets and Nordiques on the fan base rather than the lack of "NHL Appoved" arena. But it didn't matter to this putz that at that point, it was "many" teams saving one lowly Cdn team. And now for the past 10 - 15 years, it's the 6 Cdn teams supporting a morjority of the failing US teams.

Talk about the blind leading the blind. At this point.....I'd rather see the demise of the NHL and Bettman and for Balsillie to sit back and do nothing.

All I can say about this Coyotes thing is...........


Looks good on you NHL. The cracks are starting to show. Won't be long when the dam bursts and sends Gary and Bill down the river.


So, at what point did the conversation abruptly end -- with the store guy staring at the lights from the floor, and you walking out with a strangly sore right hand?? LOL!

Never quite thought of it that way as Canadians money spent on tickets subsidizing floundering US teams to keep them afloat, and also I suppose some strong market US based teams. Lets just say I'm glad I'm not a ticket buying Canadian NHL fan.

Gary and the rest of brain deads have got it all under control. Only in America will they fight a fight they can not win and think ice hockey would be a hit in Arizona. Morons to say the least.

Who cares if Phoenix is losing money. Let them lose 100 million a year for what it is worth. They are still not coming to Hamilton as long as Gary is in charge and Toronto prevents it.

my plan is to keep them in Phoenix for one or two years then move them here to Hamilton.