Red Blacks vs. Hamilton at Mac

Okay, just a quick comment on the RB's defensive backs, particularly TJ Hill and Seth Williams, are these guys aware that the game is Tackle and not two hand touch or flag football? Both of these guys cost touchdowns with their weak sideline coverage

Go Henry and Go Henry!
(honestly, you Capital City fans should blanket the field in the candy bar - Halloween version)

So it wasn't just me....I saw the same thing throughout the game and not just from them , it was the whole entire secondary the tackling was pathetic. As far as im concerned this team is underachieving and they don't seem like a expansion team. They are just playing very inconsistently on certain aspects of there game....Burris in all games including exhibition has been under throwing the ball a lot and its not because of familiarity with the receivers. As for the 3rd down try late in the 4th ?? hindsight is 20/20...if it was good and they would have won Rick Campbell would have been a genious.

  oh well thank god everyone in the east has 2 pts after this week in the pathetic east

I think they have been the most entertaining, explosive team in the CFL so far.
Burris has been terrific imo.

Three shortcomings:

Need a reliable possession type receiver
Secondary tackling as has ben mentioned
I wonder about their conditioning. They are consistently the best first half team then fade in 4th Q.

Yet after all that they were in a good position to win this game up until 2 minutes left.

Good game guys, props to the Ottawa fans who made it out who were chanting move those yard sticks.