Red Blacks QBs

Dominique and Jonathan have to go. Losing by such a wide margin to the Argos and BC was the end. Start Arntd for the rest of the season or try Colaros when he’s ready. It can’t get any worse. The Argos have plenty of QBs.

Agreed, regrettably, agreed. On a personal level, I feel bad for both Jennings and Davis but this is football and the CFL being the “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” league (not my take, this comes from Davis Sanchez), they have not worked out.

This season is a write-off. Put Arndt at the helm and let him run with it until the end of the season. The ORBs have nothing to lose at this point. Best they can hope for is to stay ahead of the Argos and the Lions and not end up in the basement.

Use this up-and-coming off season to re-build.

And enough of this talk of firing Campbell. Not his fault.

Campbell has nothing to do with free fall Ottawa has had this year. It’s not Jennings or Davis fault either. The blame should fall on the GM Desjardin and team owners for not replacing the assets they lost.

Ottawa lost 2 top receivers, their top runningback and top QB. What did they replace them with?? You can’t win in any league when you lose all that in one off season and don’t replace them with top level talent.

Is there anybody here with experience as a QB beyond high school who can fill in for the rest of the season?

Just run the option perhaps? :o

TSN anointed Davis the next coming early in the year. And they’re never wrong.

This season is gone. I had earlier mused that the best we could hope for is to stay ahead of the Argos and the Lions for the basement suite. That hope is quickly fading. Bethel-Thompson is light years ahead of what we have now. Only a matter of time before they pull ahead and Ottawa is left behind.

Too late to get replacement QBs. And I mean that in the plural. With all of the injuries we’ve seen this year, a successful team has a good cohort of talented QBs. Ottawa has zero.

Ottawa is stuck like chuck this season w/o a QB. Not sure Arnt wuld do much better.
Alot of Backups have gotten their shot this year. Some are FAs next season. Some may actually take over to the injured QB.
Ex. Masoli may become available.
This is just all the speculation from the media.
The teams with these said players are all playoff teams. So have to wait till off season for more specifics

If he doesn’t go to GM/HC June Jones in Houston for the XFL,
Masoli is going to command a substantial CFL contract.

OTT doesn’t do that. ::slight_smile:

Colaros would definitely help imo, as long as the Oline can protect him he’s a solid starter

With all the QB shuffling last off-season, most of the real talent is already locked up, and the Ticats are likely to make Masoli their top FA priority (Evans is under contract through 2021.)

Unfortunately for Redblacks fans, this season is not likely to be a one-off. They’ll likely have one of the top picks in the draft for the next two or three years.

If the Ti-Cats are smart, they will hang on to Masoli like a drowning man clutching the edge of a lifeboat. Right now, they have a good thing going and it is working well. Maybe this is the Tabbys’ year to win the GC? On the one hand, I would like to see it happen but on the other hand, it seems unfair that it would happen without Masoli, who did so much to get them to where they are now.

As for my poor old sad sack team, I am getting the feeling that we have too many fair-weather friends on our side and many of them are ready to walk away over one bad (well, abysmally-bad) season. Franchises cannot survive on this type of fan base.

And you are correct. A lot of talent will be locked up next year. ORBs only hope is that some superstar suddenly appears out of Inner Mongolia and we snap him up. But that is the stuff of fantasy. What will likely happen is that we’ll end up with another recycled wash out.

I just hope the team can survive a few more years in the desert.

Even the owner doesn’t want to watch anymore

He is selling his condo overlooking the field