Red Blacks at Stamps

Anyone out there, Red Blacks seem to be having a more difficult time tonight. Looks like the Stamps just realized that the season has started.

Never mind, tied again. Sigh :expressionless:

Good football, a fun game. Probably what Bob Young meant by entertainment first? Goofy calls by red and white zebras, but it is the CFL, isn't it? Looking forward to the second half

Great play on 3rd and 1 for the TD :thup:

Harris seeing a lot of turf tonight.

We never should have gotten rid of Ellingson.

Don't look now boys and girls, but the Redblacks are looking like a real team ( unlike last year when I thought they got lucky and I just couldn't believe that a sub .500 team had any hope), the Allouettes are a lot better than last year and even the Argos are decent.. i am not seeing a lot of improved position in standings for Cats...... 3rd maybe 4th in East and battling a West team for playoff spot on crossover.......

You think the West will be weaker than the East? I don’t know about that.

Win or lose Ottawa looks really really good.


Heap… no I hinted that the East 3rd place team will probably lose out to West team for playoff spot.

[quote="heapbag"]We never should have gotten rid of Ellingson.[/quo

Yup, hurts watching him make the big plays for Ottawa :x

Sorry…I get it now. Little slow on the uptake. :wink:

From Wikipedia…

[b]"Ellingson played in 12 consecutive games of the CFL season and was having an outstanding rookie campaign. He missed the final 6 games of the regular season with an injury, prior to his injury he was on pace for a 1200-yard season (66.6 yards per game). Ellingson appeared in all 3 of the Ti-Cats post-season games totaling 114 yards on 11 receptions, one of which was for a touchdown. The Tiger-Cats lost in the 101st Grey Cup to the Roughriders.

His second season in the CFL was also cut short due to injury. Ellingson only managed to play in 7 of the 18 regular season games, and also missed out on the Tiger-Cats 2 playoff games. Ellingson managed to rack up 429 receiving yards on 32 catches."

Ellingson missed 6 of the last regular season games in 2013 and only played in 7 scheduled games the following year and was also out of the playoffs then too.

For a younger player, that’s considerable time in only two seasons. I can only assume that Kent did not want to sign him as a free agent with that much injury time off.

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@Gelliman82 makes some insane catches.

Or you could also assume that Ottawa offered him more money ??? he was a free agent and the player goes to the highest bidder.
After their first terrible season Ottawa fired all of their receivers and Chevy Walker and had cap money to go out and get Ellingson, Chris Williams, Brad Sinopoli and Ernest Jackson.

Since Hamilton was unwilling to bring Ellingson back, Ottawa likely didn’t offer that much more. And I didn’t hear of any bidding war between the RBs and any other team during that time.