Red beanies

Why do the backup quarterbacks wear the red beanies on their helmets?

for signalling I assume. its easier to locate the ginger in the crowd :lol:

I believe it is to make it easier for the offensive players to pick them out from the field. The back up QB gives the offensive formation signal from the sidelines. With the red beanie the players can easily pick him out from the rest of the players.

This is so the players on the field can quickly locate them. They hold up a colour scheme (kind of like a paint selection stick) which, I think, tells the receivers the formations or something like that.

Not exactly the best look though, is it. I don't think we'll be seeing any of these photos ending up on trading cards. (If there are still trading cards, that is.)

LOL...they are definately not a fashion statement! Thanks for the replies and information.

I thought they were pranking the rookie QB lol.

I thought so too. I mean, if you can get that thing on there from behind when he's sitting and do it without a sound, he'll never know he has it on his head.

Mickey mouse ears would be

Lucky For us Gary Bettman is not the Comish or they would be Micky Mouse Ears

Looks dumb. Put on a red cap.

Perhaps this is where the red cap first hit the field (Varsity stadium in Toronto with a few players you may recognise)

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Oskee wee wee

Maybe Caretaker is advertising for his company Linux Red Hat Software. :wink: :wink: