Red and White Madden League Starting!

The league is ready to start at anytime. the Rosters are done, the stadiums everything. We upgraded to 08 so once we get some owners we can start.

Heres the Website:

Theres a signup section on there or you can email me at with any questions, comments, concerns.

It should be alot of fun. just think, making blockbuster trades that your real GM didnt have the balls to do! :lol: and getting your team to the greycup.

For people who dont know. This is a CFL Madden online league. with all the rosters, logos and stadiums. theres a couple screenshots on the site.

Im trying to figure if theres a way to get more than 8 people playing. but we can get some suggestions at the first league meeting or whatever

Hope to see you join!

… I don’t get it.

Its a madden online league. and its with cfl rosters.

We are in the middle of the season and you post this. Try off topics my friend. Arius I think this guy is looking for a good PSP armc chair coach you should apply.

I really dont see why not to post this mid season. and yes i should have probably posted this in Offtopic.