RED and WhITE dismantle riders

WOW !!!!!!

wow! pre-season… WHO CARES???

Riders didn’t have a game plan vs the Stamps, they even said so.

Ahhhh, the excuse of the fan of a losing team who can't take a loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

what excuse?

it's true. they said in the media reports that they weren't planning on having any sort of designed game plan for the Stamps.. they were more worried about evaluating their players.

it's not a big deal at all.

If it doesn't really matter at all, why have you now posted at least 3 times (from what I've seen) about how its not important? Generally, if I don't find something interesting or important, I don't say anything.

But that's just me.

he probably has posted 3 x just to make sure u are truly that delushional that u think pre-season actually matters to most teams. wins/losses.. pre-season.. who cares... its about evaluating players. Its not about winning and losing. BETCHA ALL THE COACHES WOULD tell u the same, most would probaby say it would be nice to win 1 of the 2 but... at the same time it doesnt matter because its all about evaluating what u got.

Last year, the Riders lost both preseason games, including a 45-12 loss to the Eskimos. Then they finished first in the division and appeared in the Grey Cup. If anything, this bodes well for them.

Preseason outcomes really don't matter at all. They are primarily used to measure the individual, not the team (except for the final tune-ups).

It is just preseason when it counts for two points then it is something to brag about, in the end both teams are still 0-0 for wins and losses

Calgary starters outscored the Riders 20-10, a little concerning but at this point still meaningless.

id say the concering part for the riders was dinwiddie not showing well but.. the plus side for the riders is looks like bergquist actually played allright. durant was durant it looks like,nothing fancy, nothing special.. just consistent really.

how did the stamps oline look tho. put up alot of points so id imagine burris and gang had some time.

Oy... I thought we'd been over this...


As if people still take this guy seriously...

And pray tell what happened in the Esks/Lions game?

Just like Jason Maas burned the Lions in the dying seconds.Ha that was priceless :lol:

We lost, but also beat the Riders.

The difference is I'm not jumping up and down trying to say something's not a big deal, thus turning it into a big deal.

the person making it a big deal was Red&White.

he sounded like the Riders were really in trouble.


they all have issues, even the Stamps.

...strange, didn't see a lot of issues with the guys that had the horse silouette on their helmet...only the other side, even Coach Ken agrees, but as long as cflisthebest doens't see any concerns I guess the G&W are in superduper shape, Montreal are such pushovers anyway, you'll probably want to play them without a game plan for who made a big deal out of it, well, the threads are all there for the general public to read, they can decide who's blood pressure was the highest, it's pretty self-evident...

To say the Riders didn't have a plan is foolish. The Riders did have a plan...give the players on the bubble a chance to sink or swim. A win or loss was secondary in the outcome.

This means the riders are going to suck for the whole season.
It's a proven fact.

It is also a proven fact that certain post-ers are so incompetent that when opportunity knocks, they complain about the noise.

Man, if tensions are this high for pre-season... :o