Red and Gold

I loved the old Red and Gold jerseys, why doesn't the Gades change over to those colors? Put the R back into the Helmet, Merged the records and change the colors to Red and Gold, that is what I say.


At the moment we're trying to move forward from the terrible old days... Although we have been playing like the terrible old days, we need not to be reminded of them...

That logo was brutal, as were the unis...

The next thing you'll say, I take it, is we have a Dexter Manly homecoming game @ FCS...

KK, dude, step away from the keyboard!!!!

I thought the RR's looked bloody awesome in Red and Gold! and it would put distance between Ottawa and Calgary, which almost appear to mirror each other in colors.

So I guess most agree with me about how Ottawa's colors should be "Red and Gold"???

No, they are the Renegades.....not Florida State!

Man, I HATE FSU!!! but those unifroms Ottawa had were awesome!!! hey, even the TSN guys think so!

Renegades in Red and Gold, baby!!!

Nope... you're never going to see if... and if Lonnie tries it... then I'll be pissed...

Ottawa colors are RED, WHITE and BLACK.

Sens do it...
67's do it...
heck even the Lynx do it
and the Gades will do it

Mate, senators colors are Red, white, Black, AND GOLD!!!

Goddamn it. I hated those Gold and Red uniforms. Bring back the Rough Riders uniforms and helmet the team wore from 1964 - 1991 and.......PUT THE BIG WHITE R BACK ON OTTAWA' HELMET AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES CAN GO TO HELL. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm not much of an authority on this but I must disagree as the gold is an accent or piping only... and not a color.

A solder's uniform is green, blue or navy blue regardless of the color of the gold piping...

Ottawa is Red White and Black...

as for the whole “Ottawa’s colors are Red, White, and Black” just have a look at Edmonton, their CFL is green and gold, but their NHL team is blue and orange.

nothing wrong with having the gades in different colors.

Leave it the way it is now. Maybe bring the R on the helmets back now, just to show part of the history.

Yes, leave it the way it is now, but add the big white R to the helmets.


ugh, that Red and Gold was uggggglllllllllyyyyyy........