Red and Gold Poll

I started a topic in the Ottawa section that I'd like to bring to the light of the main forum., I’m also going to include a poll with this topic this time:

I loved the old Red and Gold jerseys, the RR's looked bloody awesome in those colors! why doesn't the Gades change over to those colors? hey, even the TSN guys think so too! It would put distance between Ottawa and Calgary, which almost appear to mirror each other in colors. Even the senators colors are Red, white, Black, AND GOLD! Put the R back into the Helmet, Merged the records and change the colors to Red and Gold, that is what I say. I’m not trying to make Ottawa like FSU, the 49ers,or anything (I HATE FSU!!!, I’m a Gator fan) but it they would look so cool!

Renegades in Red and Gold, baby!!!

It seems that yet away my thind opion as failed to appear.

it was "I don't know (KK, I TOLD YOU BEFORE, GET OFF THE JUICE!)"

hey kanga leave it as is. no1 else needs gold except the blue and gold.

That would be a good rivaliy, Winnipeg vs. Ottawa, the Blue and Glod vs. the Red and Gold!


What about the Green and Gold?

I say leave it as is....You know how I dislike change.....

There’s a lot of history as to why Ottawa’s colours are Red, Black and White for all it’s major sports teams (Sens, Rough Riders, 67’s, Lynx).
Please don’t dick around with our history. Leave it at that.
Those sucky uniforms of the Bruce Firestone years was his personal mark and very reminiscent of the Montreal Concordes crappy uniforms.

the few years in the '90's Ottawa experimented with this colour scheme were some of the worst Roughies history with the owners coming in and out and team about to be folding. Maybe, KK, since you weren't a fan back in those days you dont have the intense visceral reaction to them that I do. It was a reall horror show for those years in the media....ottawa is ottawa leaving? I know, let's change the colours to try and usher in a new era and THEN leave...the time they had the red and gold was a horrible time for the RRs, nobody wants to be reminded on that. Plus, in hindsight, those few years is not even a blip on the chronological order of the CFL considering the TRADITION (ever hear of that, kk?) of successful Ottawa teams were the black and white. I as well have always liked cities that defines themselves by a certain colour scheme for all their pro teams, Pittsburgh, Toronto (except the raptors), Montreal and Ottawa...dont mess with that.

Yeah I've heard of tradision, I just don't rescept it.... much. They are a few things I would mess with (NHL RULES).

Since I wasn't around then, I don't really know what went on, however, I do know that I have a clip of "This day in the CFL" that shows Ottawa in their lovely Red and Gold unifroms getting beat, but looking very nice! 8)

That when Chris and the other guy that play for the RR's back then said that they loved those unifroms. I totally agree. :smiley:

Red and Gold is a good colour sceme but not for Ottawa, put a team in Quebec City and make them red and gold (rouge et or).

Send the team to Windsor or something and then change them red and gold. I doubt a new uniform will suddenly draw over 20k fans a game like they need.

Ley not relocate Ottawa, m'k?

a team in quebec should be the traditional colours of the NHL's nordiques....
teal /blue , Red, with white frech-flag symbol things ( dont know the name )

and be called the Quebec-city Cobras


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You just aint right mate!

i voted yes just because calgary and ottowa look to much alike



bump, last time I'm moving this up.

I'd like to hear from my good friend, Ottawa Rough Rider.

Okay, I'm confused. Was I in a coma for a few years, and no one has bothered to tell me? I have absolutely no recollection of "gold" being one of Ottawa's colours. I remember the logo you posted, but in my memory it was on their black and white uniforms, with just a touch of red. I remember they used to wear silver jerseys, but I don't remember any gold. Have I perhaps just forgotten because they were so bad, or something?

And to clarify, Calgary and Ottawa look alike because Calgary copied them. Ottawa was black, white and red l-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng before the Stampeders brought in the black jerseys. The Stamps, the Roughriders, the Alouettes...none have black as one of their colours, yet all adopted a black jersey.

Just a bunch of Ticat wannabes.

and they could play on a cruise ship going from port to port.... oops sorry.