Red and Black Riders?

The Saskatchewan are using throw-back uniforms today against the Eskimos that are Black and Red and White (no green).
I'm normally a supporter of honouring history, but these uniforms are just confusing. And confusion is not good for brand building.

What do you think?

I'm with you 1000%...I keep looking for the "riders" on the field...the colour scheme makes distinguishing the player name/number do you cheer for the Green and White, when they change the colours?

8) I agree with you wholeheartedly Bob, no green at all doesn't look like Regina , period !!
  I actually think they look like the Calgary , not Saskatchewan.

   I can't see many Sask. fans buying those throw-back jerseys.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I hate these throw back uni's, especially these which I can't relate to at all. Are they supposed to be the Ottawa RoughRiders today? Or does this uniform something they wore back in 1895? Just complete garbage.

I'm with you, I thought they were playing Calgary for a brief moment! For a one off game though, I don't think this will have much impact on their brand, especially given the zealous fanaticism to which Rough Riders fans ascribe to their football team.

We can clearly see why they switched colours. :slight_smile:

It confused TSN as well.. a the start of the game they had Calgary playing Saskatchewan in the score


The centennial jerseys for the Riders are hideous. Then again, they could be the Philadelphia Eagles:

I am looking forward to the 1970s-styled retro weeks that are upcoming this season.

Oski Wee Wee,


The colour red is as wrong in the Riders uniform as the TiCats.

Worse was the coaching staff pants.

Hopefully this isn't a trend.

What about the Norwegian Olympic curling team pants from Vancouver? :slight_smile:

Like the throw backs, if they are true to present colour schemes.
Though if the teams colours were that 100 years ago then they are what they are.
Now if the Ticats did 100 year throw backs would you do one set for the Wild Cats and one for the Hamilton Tigers? ....
lol...we never do things easy in Hamilton eh Bob?

It was certainly strange watching the Riders play in black and red, but just once for the sake of their heritage, I can live with it. As for the look of the uniforms, well, they're not all that different from the TiCats retros for this year. When I first saw them, I thought they were just re-coloured versions of the Roughriders centennial jerseys.,

Isn't the story that they switched from red to green because they got some free uniforms from somewhere in Chicago? So maybe they're trying to replay that part of their history too, by getting free pants from the Norwegians.

Looks like the Green Riders were infringing on the Ottawa Rough Rider colours.

Retro jerseys are fine with one exception; they should predominantly stay with present day colours.

To add insult to injury (fashion injury that is) the game was broadcast on the NFL Network. Besides confusing our American cousins who last saw the Riders in green and white they now probably think our coaches are completely wacked.

I bow to any man that has the stones to wear pants like that.

I love retro jerseys I have a nice collection of NHL and NFL ones. I got a powder blue Barry Sanders, Orange Elway, Blue and Orange Elway. Old Jim Kelly, but these Riders jersey's suck.

Be careful if that bow is directly in front of them.

Caretaker respects history? That is news.the man who tried to ban the forbidden cheer,took away pigskin pete for a year changed the logo and added red piping to the uniforms respects history? What would have happened if he did not?and great to antagonize a team two weeks before we play them by mocking their original uniform.

All you’ve done is bash Bob Young today; do you have nothing better to do? Without Bob we wouldn’t even have a team to cheer for. The Cats would be history and you’d be a Boatman fan.

And Bob does respect history because RED IS ONE OF THE OFFICIAL TEAM COLOURS. Or were you not aware of that?

And if the Riders need the motivation of a team’s owner posting a query on his own forum to play hard, well, I can’t think of anything more ridiculous. I highly doubt there are Rider players perusing the forums.