Recruiting New 3down Fans

I may have recruited at least one, possibly two new fans for CFL football. I’ve been in the process of changing providers of both internet and cable TV lately, the new provider offering both, and have had a couple of visits by tech guys installing new equipment in my apartment. The first visit was one guy hooking up broadband, and when he asked me about sports I explained that my only interest nowadays was CFL football which I get online. He didn’t know that the CFL uses different rules from what NFL uses and I gave him a few examples of the differences. Since he had mentioned he was originally from Kansas City I mentioned Dalton Schoen from Kansas U was playing for WPG, and what a big rookie season he had. It turns out that this guy had been a big fan of Schoen and was excited to find out where he was playing now. Today he came back with another tech to hook up new cable TV and they were both talking about CFL football as they worked, so before they left I showed them the website and where to find the schedule and where to sign up for the live game feeds.

I hope they follow through with this, because recruiting new fans down here is harder than doing calculus in a noisy room.


Great job and fast thinking with the Dalton Schoen connection.


Lucky for me that he is a Kansas U fan even though he lived in Kansas City, MISSOURI !


Where were those free live game feeds again?

New season, right around the corner.

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coming the goldbergs GIF by TV Land

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On the CFL website click VIDEO, then click CFL+ on the pulldown menu. The schedule is not there yet, but should be available before the first preseason games. Just keep checking from time-to time.


I met the Dalton Schoen fan in our lobby today; he was here to work on equipment of one of my neighbors. He says he’s been on and still sounds interested. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


ask him about his other social media… facebook, twitter etc… then he can follow the bombers or whatever CFL topic he wants… obviously checking out might be helpful.


Good points. I’m quite behind the times on social media myself, so I didn’t think of mentioning that. I AM using the Schoen connection, you might say, as bait to get him interested in the CFL and 12-3 football in general.
I feel I’m walking a tightrope. All too often a really hard sales pitch can become a turn-off in a millisecond, and I don’t want that to happen here.