HEY wally i was at the practise in abby and i asked you to let me show you i can smash people and u said that this isn't bush league ....... well shit by the looks of it ur linemen aren't pulling there weight they look like beer league players . YOU SHOULD GIVE A CHAMP A CHANCE! I'm 310 6'0''o-line/d-line .NAFL west division champion and all-star with the BC SPARTANS check me out at james vidal west division all star

And do you really think this is the best way of getting yourself on the team??

Typical guy thinking it's easy to make the CFL.

Nick Schultz said it best when he interviewed on Vancouver radio yesterday:
"Guys come up here saying 'I'm just getting some tape to take back to the NFL' and then they end up getting their asses handed to them in the first 3 days of camp and get released."

I say give the kid a chance , you go tell wally, James that Oilerrocker says to give me a chance , that will get you on the Field the rest is up to you. Good luck :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wally asks me to be on the team all the time.

I heard Wally went into the stands and picked some guy to play center for the forth Quarter against Calgary.

^^^ That's why the line played better in the fourth quarter.

Shows how much we miss Murphy and Bates.