Recovered Kick

When Sask recovered the ball after a kick off... what happened? I didn't catch the replay. Did a Bombers player touch the ball? If not... should it have not been a no-yards call?

Sorry to see you guys get beat like that. As a Ticats fan I feel your pain.

Personally... LaPolice was not the issue. Your GM is.

It happened twice. Probably not remembering perfectly now, but IIRC one of them was just an onside Rider running down and making a play when the Bombers let the ball hit the turf. If a player is onside he can immediately touch it.

The other one was likely it hitting someone and being recovered, but at that point in the game I was only half-watching because the score was so lopsided.

Same here. Not "my team" and it was such a blow out that I was half watching the game and half watching Blue's Clues!

I hate seeing any game get that far out of hand. Here's hoping that you guys bounce back next week.

Everybody is onside on the kick off, no yards does not apply on a kick off. As long is it travels 10 yards , it's anybody,s ball.

Yup, it just hung up in the wind a bit and the Bombers were caught napping.

We have been napping since 1990!!!!!!