records page

so, where on this site is the list of team and league records?

Umm KK?? League records?? It applies nowhere to your link.....and that's what he asked for.....

but that link will get you there, if there was a link to the history page directly, I would post it, but there isn't.

Show me where that link gets you to the league records. And, for the record, you DID post a direct link to the history page. Are you on glue?

He's not looking for a history page, Kanga. He's looking for a records page. You know, like numbers: most passing yards, etc.

theirs RECORD CHASERS on the main page, but I don't see the page for records.

.....ladies and gentlemen, KK finally gets the point of the thread.....

we're all very proud of him.

ok, so, where on the cfl page can one find the cfl records? anywhere? anyone?

I dont believe there is a page of records. I have looked many times but never found anything

well, since the league is 8766544435675 years old, maybe someone should make one!! whaddyasay?

sounds like a good idea :wink: , i would think it should of been in a section somewhere in this site :?

it's amazing to me, and really quite shameful that, of all things, the league records are not in a hallowed section of this website.

I agree, but the league is 48 to 50 years old, not 90000000000000.

give or take.

ok, so there's a records page. no rookie records though.