Records after week 2

Who is going to be 2-0 and who will be 0-2?

wpg and ed will be the only 1-1 teams.

SASK. , will be 2 and 0

Winnipeg , will be 0 and 2

The rest will be 1 and 1 [I hope and sorry Winnipeg fans]


BC & Sask will be your 2-0 teams

Yes sir, Im thinking Calgary will be too, sir. line with that thinking I'm predicting Montreal will be in sole position of first in the east after this weekend, and a logjam still exists in the west...

so far you are right

And Winnipeg, Ticats and Argos will be 0-2 :wink:

Not surprised the Argos won, but was surprised at how the defense let down in the 4th. Same for BC, I didn't expect them to let the Ti Cats back in the game.
Two really good games this weekend I hope tonight's is just as good. I don't see the Riders as a lock in this one.