Recording the Games

After watching the CFL since 1983 it looks like I will be almost completely shut out this season. Is there anyone who is willing to record some of the games for me?


You can watch all of the games live as they happen on Tsn broadband @ TSN.CA

hope I helped!

Won't help if he's in the States...

I believe recording from tv is now illegal under Canada's new copyright law. :wink:

Stupid Harper, and his stupid backing down to the big corporations.

I record all the games using a PVR. I often watch them later in the evening of the next day. My PVR has a SATA connection. Apparently the SATA connectioin can be connected to an external harddrive, but I have never done this myself. Anyway, you see where I'm going with this. Unfortunatley, the company I lease the PVR from, Rogers (i.e. Ted "Buffalo Bills" Rogers), doesn't provide much info on how this can be done... :cowboy:

Here's more, but it looks like the options are limited:

[url=] ... -8660.html[/url]

No, quoting people on the forum now illegal under the new copyright laws?....


breaking the law... breaking the law

Do you have a spot for a usb port on your box. If so you could download the game onto it ,put it on your computer and email it.

A 9 Gig Email....I dont think so

Don't most e-mails cut you off at 10 MB? Lotta e-mails. :lol:

HAHAHA...I didn't see that coming. But no, none of these posts are protected under copyright.

I dont recall saying it would be quick. I believe you might be able to zip it as well.

Ya you could prob zip it down to about 8.5 gigs

You could also burn it to a dvd and mail it.
Also you could compress it into an avi or something along those lines (never done it, so can't exactly help you on this topic) and then send the compressed file using one of the many file share websites, or bittorent it, or something.

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Yes you can convert it to an AVI... I do it all the time for my award winning "You Be the Ref" feature. :lol:

It is still way to big to email though. Hopefully your ISP doesnt have upload and download limits because 2 hours of even AVI is gonna be big