Just curious if anyone knows the all time record head to head between Winnipeg and Saskatchewan or where it could be found?

Google is your friend!

At the start of Sunday’s game, the TSN crew said it was 35-19 for Sask, if I remember correctly.
So 36-19 for Sask.

Edit: That’s for the Labor Day Classic.

I would think Google was a great idea if I hadn’t already tried that. Didn’t look to long or hard however because like I said, just curious.

8-6 bombers over past 14. Not sure on all time record

Road to a home game likely means beating the Bombers once in Winnipeg…may as well be this one. They are a good team fighting a funk…tough to win back to backs though, especially when the second one is on the road to a great crowd.

Personally, from the improvement (steady and significant) overall, and the chemestry starting to 'jell'\ I say we win in Winnipeg because I believe the Riders are the better team. Yes 'road games' in back to back are difficult at best however I like the momentum (Roll) we are on and I like our Defense sooooo, Close game but Riders win.
A bit biased, and I could very well be wrong but I've seen some interesting progress in the last 4 games.
Go Rider Go

Eliminate mistakes/penalties and execute better and I think we can lead wire to wire

Harris was hurting at the end of the game. If he has not rebounded it could be a tough game for the Bombers.

Harris missed practice on Wed. Anyone know if he practiced on Thursday? Probably a closed practice.

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