Record TV Audience with overall 7.2M Total

Wow, more records fall with the TSN audience.
Over 2.2M average for the fantastic Western semi and the Argo game drew a nice 1.1M, not bad for early in the afternoon.
I predict more records will fall in the next two weeks including the GC.
If TSN was smart they would not wait till the current TV contract erxpires and immediately wrip up the deal and start around $30M per year with a $5M increase for each of the next five years.

Is this the same league I hear is on its death bed?
Wow pretty damn impressive numbers. Then again, nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to how popular the CFL is now in this country. :thup:

Doing far better numbers than Monday Night Football (in Canada that is).

What moron said this?

a moron on HIS death bed.

TSN should also get some credit. Since they have started to cover all the games things seem to have improved a lot. I shudder to think of going back to CBC (that hurt more than I thought it would)! Now with all that salary tied up in commentators, perhaps a dedicated CFL TV show, weekly say on Mondays. Recap the weeks games, talk about issues each team maybe facing, player interviews, etc. One more step to cement it's popularity. Finally, a weekly TV show on the Riders and why they are so awesome and Canada's team :wink: lol

The ignorant tools who thinks the CFL is bush league.

They need to do better than a $5m increase.

Do we really need to say this every time...?

Let's not forget that the Semi-Final games went head-to-head against Sunday NFL games, which are continually hyped on CTV, Rogers, Sportsnet, TSN and other networks.

I'll bet that CTV or Sportsnet won't be issuing any press releases about their NFL ratings on Sunday, but we can assume that 10 times as many Canadians (7.2 million) watched the CFL on Sunday than all the afternoon NFL games combined on all networks. Despite this, the "huge" Bills win still took precedence over the CFL games on the Globe and Mail website and other Canadian media. :oops:

Globe & Mail plus The Toronto Star the self professed bastions of Canadiana are far from it.
Both are morons corporations.

You have to wonder how much Rogers pays media corps like the Globe and others for the "right" to be first. What a joke but that's business, Rogers is desperate to hype up the Bills to get people to buy tickets for the remaining few years of their Bills charity experiment in Toronto.

BC's attendance may have been down a bit this year with the temporary stadium but, to their credit, the club did a good job of exposing the product for the local market. They lifted the black out for all home games this year and, consequently, have seen interest in the team bubble up - leading to a huge local viewership for the Western Semi.

According to Vancouver Province beat reporter Lowell Ullrich:

[b][i]The B.C. regional share of the audience Sunday was 614,000, which is well on par or better than a great number of Canucks regular season games not on Hockey Night in Canada.

It's a number Lions president Dennis Skulsky will be able to take to his advertising honchos over the winter to make the case that whatever success or failure is associated with the club this season there is evidence of interest[/i].[/b] (SOURCE: The Fifth Quarter)

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

BC had great attendance. That stadium was pretty much packed was it not? Toronto was the only team to have under 20K to a game this year.

BC's attendance was a disapointment for 2 main reasons:
1 - they were horrible in the begining of the year
2 - its a real pain to get there and away. Makes me appreciate taking the train to BC Place!

so there was a poor product and it was hard to go see. We SHOULD have sold out every game but weren't even close many nights.

I remember when TV commentators and media used to say all through the 80's and 90's that the league lost a generation of fans.. given the ratings and media interest in this league over the last decade, maybe the commentator and CFL pundits should now say that THE CFL HAS GAINED A GENERATION OF FANS..., and the some of the so-called "lost" generation is returning.. so much so that the CFL is talking about expansion inside of Canada. 20 or 25 years that kind of talk could earn someone a straightjacket and a trip to the nearest psych ward. The trick now, is to keep the momentum going, and expose this game to a new generation of fans.

I would say they did lose a generation of fans. Don't get me wrong, there are still fans in that generation, and the CFL and TSN have absolutely done amazing bringing more from that era in, but there was a dozen years that my generation did not watch it. I always did, but most of my friends did not. Most do now, but that is a solid decade of lost revenue that was a major factor in almost crippling our game. The biggest thing that happened to try to woo fans back in that time period was having HUGE payrolls in TO and BC. They couldn't afford what they were paying, so the rest of the teams had to support them. All it did was alienate the rest of the league's fans and make them made things worse. An enforced salary cap saved the league, along with a much more professional gameday coverage.

The league has come a long way but it still has a long way to go in my demographic... at least from my perspective.

I'm a 25 year old male Ti-Cat fan living in Toronto and while I have a couple friends who keep tabs on the league, my 18 year old brother is about the only person I know who'd be willing to invest in season tickets with me next year.

I'm also nerved that hits and 7 yard NFL catches in tight space earn 'ouus & ahhhs' from young crowds in bars in Toronto, but the same or better action is ignored if it happens to be a CFL game. The CFL is relegated to a corner TV almost never with sound in Toronto where every Monday or Sunday night NFL game is full volume on every TV.

I continuously read that the CFL completely outdraws the NFL in TV ratings and I understand western Canadian fans make up a big chunk of those ratings. Unfortunately, I don't see this at all in my little reality. I think its because I'm an uberfan in the most apathetic market in Canada.

I'm always at IWS for home games but when I want to watch my tabbies at a bar for a road game, I always have to ask for the game to be put on in lieu of whatever NCAA football or MLB baseball might be playing instead. I can imagine its exactly the same for Argo fans in Toronto too.

Anyone know of any CFL friendly bars in downtown Toronto?

Joe I have also found this wannabe factor in Toronto.
But one has to be ascertive and demand on the establishment that you want to see the CFL games over the No Funner league and unless they show it you are taking your business elsewhere.
You know for me this has worked and I do find more and more watering holes showing our league and rightfully so.
As for the TV numbers, they do not lie and you would be surprised to know how the breakdown in Toronto and southern Ontario is also number one for the CFL way over the the No Funners.

According to any survey ever done, the CFL is more popular than the NFL in Ontario ...but not by that much. Perhaps in the Niagara area the NFL might come out on top, but that's due to the Bills proximity to the local market. The Bills confirmed this summer they have about 7,500 Canadian subscribers (which has increased from about 5,000 before the BiT series) and draw up to 15,000 Canadians to Canada Day at the Bills stadium.

It's the same in Vancouver, bartenders will look at you like you're from outer space if you ask to switch to a CFL game. Most of the NFL bar interest is due to gambling, pools and fantasy leagues. Overall the CFL is more popular than the NFL in BC. The Hawks have about 1,500 Canadian subscribers.

The CFL is wildly more popular in the prairies, with 90% of football fans preferring the CFL. Surprisingly, In Quebec and Atlantic region, the NFL comes out slightly on top, but that was before the Touchdown Atlantic game in Moncton which greatly enhanced the CFL's awareness in Atlantic Canada. The upstart Atlantic ratings for the CFL have continued through the season and have greatly enhanced the CFL's numbers.

Somebody said once, that the CFL is much like porn. Many people enjoy it in the comfort of their homes, but they won't admit it in public. :wink:

p.s. The CFL announced last week that TV ratings in the 18-34 yr old demographic have increased by 50% this season!