Record Marijuana Use In American Football

Well of course I am not surprised ever to hear this about any given player in football or basketball especially, but apparently marijuana use is at a record high as discovered including at the NFL Combine!

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I'll bet these investigations are a consequence of much more stringent NFL standards for off-the-field conduct including contract clauses that allow for very large financial penalties against players engaging in certain "conduct detrimental to the league" including drug use.

maaan, seriously. have u ever smoked weed? sorry marijuana? seriously its better for you than alcohol and should be legalized.

maan shunning some guy cuz he smokes a few j's in his free time is ridiculous. ive never heard of a stoner running over some dude while driving but that does happen with alcohol use doesnt it.

and i suppose technically tobacco and alcohol are drugs too, they are just legal right so its ok. is that the argument? because its legal its all good?

so the guys smoke a few blunts or whatever, who cares. id rather him be high than drunk thats for sure.

lol, ya lock em up then for smoking a j. And then head down to the bar to get sheetfaced.

Alcohol and prescription drugs are a much bigger problem with far worse consequences... oh yea they're both legal.
What about people from California? are they allowed out of the state?'s legal there, just go see a Dr. get your card and pick it up at any of the many provided locations.

Hay here's an idea lets take away all the marijuana...and let them go back to crack, prescription drugs and booze.

Sensationalism is all this report is... someone looking to advance there career.

Spoken like a true stoner there Killer as is usually the case when folks defend it instead of going about their own business quietly to smoke it, and of course that would explain most of your posts lately. :lol:

Back to your weed buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note in CA a licensed physician puts their license on the line to write such an Rx, which is legitimate. And no, one still may NOT cross state lines in that regard or be in violation of federal laws.

Sure fine them and lock them up fine with me.

Back to your weed like I said. :lol:

Seriously even if some folks in the NFL personally don't see a problem with marijuana itself never mind the legal exposure of any employer for sake of possession by employees or on work performance ultimately, more of a concern is all the trouble that comes with the territory of marijuana.

Sure some smokers quietly go about their business at home, but most I have met do not and find a party scene leading to other trouble.

Marijuana is a true gateway drug or trouble accelerator to more than just other drugs.

If you want to keep denying that and the evidence, well of course go back and smoke some as is almost always the case I have noticed from those who doth protesteth too much. :cowboy:

marijuana isnt a gateway drug at all.... it upsets me when people compare weed to other drugs such as crack and whatever else because ive done some research and noone NOT ONE PERSON has ever died from getting high on weed. LIKE NEVER.

actually its been suggested that weed is good for people who have diseases such as ms and things like that because it sorta eliminates the pain.

the only drugs ive ever done in my life are alcohol tobacco and weed, oh sorry lil mushrooms but that was just stupid on my part...and i only did them once while camping with a bunch of buddies up north.

the drug that has caused the least damage and this is just fact is weed.

30 mins after smoking weed i feel fine, im not "puking" or in the fetal position like i would be if i did mushrooms or drank like 10 beers in an hour. when high i actually feel really really good and ya all the worries and all the pain that sometimes exists here because of a stomach issue i have, well it all goes away. I dunno, i dont even consider weed to be a drug because quite honestly it grows naturally outside. its like a flower of sorts even.

i always tell people who like to complain about weed yet praise the legal drugs like alcohol that allright, ill tell u what.. u drink 1 beer, ill smoke 1 joint, everytime u have a beer ill smoke a joint, and we'll see who's standing at the end of the night.

Actually, I recall reading a story in my local paper about a year ago. It was about a guy who hit a woman while she was bking. After investigating, the police had discovered that the guy had tossed a bag of weed into the ditch before going to check on the woman.

I’m pretty sure you’d be puking if you drank 10 Cokes in an hour. :roll:

Great theory and back to your weed. There is a growing Marijuana Party in politics in Canada I hear too. Go support them to your heart's content whilst you are at it.

You sort of proved my point with your tale, as you would likely have NOT tried the mushrooms even had you not been a pot smoker in the first place. I hear the same thing from about 9 out of 10 marijuana smokers mind you whether they ended up getting addicted to a stronger drug or not. That's the gateway dude and if that upsets you, well "them's the facts."

For the small minority of marijuana smokers who can be disciplined enough to stay at home, otherwise you are correct Killer.

Reality is such as the example Chief gave and others when they are with it out of their private residences.

Judgement like with any drug is impaired, and marijuana is a gateway to trouble like any other illegal or addictive drug when other people are around. And like alcohol or cigarettes, just because it is not addictive for YOU does not mean it is not potentially addictive for someone else whether on a psychological or biological basis!

Keep trying to have it legalised other than for genuine medical need and the legal chain of accountability and responsibility that comes with such use as in CA and NJ, but you will fail miserably because even most former marijuana smokers and current drug traffickers would oppose legalisation. You will not EVER have the numbers on your side but for medical needs.

And until then don't come crying to anyone should you use it outside your house and be busted, fined, and/or locked up as do too many of the marijuana and other drug junkies.

You break the law and "them's the breaks" whether you like it or not. :slight_smile:

Gateway my ass. I've smoked for awhile, I freely admit it, yet somehow I have never done anything further. People say it is a gateway drug because usually people try it before they try harder drugs. It doesn't mean that if pot was non-existent, or if they had never tried pot that they would not have done that line of coke, most people who get into the harder drugs were going to be on that path far before they smoked weed. It's never led me to any other drug even though I have had plenty of opportunity. If we want to talk about gateway drugs then alcohol would be number one.
I am not saying pot is a 'good' thing or even that it is 'harmless' I am saying that it is highly misunderstood and heavily fear-mongered. I am saying that it is a thing that any adult should be able to enjoy without thoughts of being persecuted by the law if they are doing it in a lawful type manner (obviously it is technically illegal right now so nothing is lawful, but I am going along the lines of alcohol)

of course they oppose it. It would take away their source of income. Which is exactly why it should be legalized. Yes they still have other drugs to peddle, but at least they wouldn't have their most lucrative one. Think of the sin taxes on weed. Would pay for a lot of health care, roads, police, etc.

I'm not advocating that everyone starts smoking weed, I'm just saying that I am not a criminal for smoking it.

I'd be all for legalised private residential use by adults over the age of 20 only, along with bonafide medical use all the same, but given what I have seen on the ground regarding marijuana smokers is contrary to your experience more with marijuana than it is with alcohol.

Part of the reason is that alcohol abuse generally leads to gateway consequences much sooner than does marijuana such that the undisciplined and responsible are dealt with swiftly. As marijuana does not increase aggression as does alcohol with some folks amidst other effects for both to impair judgement, marijuana smokers don't have the worse public reputation in that regard.

But all the same, I see more marijuana smokers move on to worse stuff than I do amongst those who drink alcohol. Why that's the case I have no idea, but those are the facts on the ground when you have met and seen enough of either camp.

The laws are fine the way they are short of expansion and higher taxation of its use on legitimate medical grounds not to mention in my opinion what should be finer quality stuff for those with medical afflictions that merit its use. :thup:

What is not fine is haphazard and inconsistent enforcement of laws and the whole penal system, which in effect should force hard labour on violent offenders, grievous thieves, and on drug traffickers instead of allowing them all to lie around and go about their trades behind the bars.

When I was young and going to school I had a bowl of oatmeal every morning, soon I started to drink & smoke and do other things. I swear it was the oatmeal that made me do it.

Gateway my ash. Pull your head outa the glue bag buddy you're delirious.

Funny but all the so called experts have 0 experience? How did you become an expert? did the other guy with 0 experience teach you? lol

Your facts are just that your facts, that don't make you right, in fact you couldn't be further from the truth.

But whatever, you're free to spread as much hatred as you possibly can.

Hmmm when I was dating a girl where I couldn't smoke at her house, the first thing I did when I left was smoke at least 4 cigarettes before I would even think about pot. For your information the cigarettes got me real high, in fact I could say the cigarettes got me higher than the pot....?

But then what do I know it's not like I'm an expert or anything.

Actually you probably are an expert considering especially the degree of anger rooted in your denial of your addiction.

Back to your weed though, for I'd be the last to wish you better with that spirit. :thdn:

Don't worry be happy in it ha ha. :lol:

I don't get it? Are you saying the guy was smoking weed when he hit the woman? Would it be different if he was smoking a cigarette? Or drinking a pop? Yes it would because if he was smoking weed he would be legally stoned, or if you prefer impaired...definitely not good.

But you leave it hanging there? Why did he throw the weed in the ditch? Was he smoking it or did he throw it there because it is illegal?
You are pointing your finger before you investigate the facts. Maybe he was smoking I don't know but apparently the fact that he threw a bag of weed in the ditch automatically makes him high.
Hmmm am I drunk when I bring my case of beer home from the store?....nope sorry I don't drink, the beer is for my friends.

Paolo X...
I am in denial? And of course you are not.
I'm done talking to you. Enough has been said.

Reefer Madness is what you are all is your friend

Wow just think you put all that energy into trying to rationalise your illegal habit when instead you could be buying some more weed and really enjoyed getting baked?

Folks this is why it is pointless to talk to most stoners about anything really, lest it is just to party perhaps (without necessarily joining in their fun), even when they are not baked. These dudes will defend their pot not only for sake of smoking in in their own homes, not bothering anyone, but for sake of expansion of its availability with the additional negative consequences be damned.

A stoner with a sense of priorities in life? Yeah right no different than any other addict I have met for any other substance whether illegal or not.

Pound sand with your easily apparent crap for brains from these posts wherever you live dude. :thdn:

I’ve found pot smokers are like Apple fanboys… :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the guy being high was implied. Guess not. Yes, he was high. Weed is like any other drug. It impairs you.

Additional negative consequences?? I would like to hear you expound on what those are. And before you get it into your head that I don't think there are negative consequences to my getting high occasionally, I do. I just want to hear the additional ones.
People seem to think that if pot is legalized that everyone is going to run out and start smoking. I don't believe this to be true. First the majority of adults in Canada have already tried it at least once. It's availability is already quite high, anyone who wants to smoke can get it.
It is not going away. Ever. Prohibition does not work. It didn't work for alcohol in the early 20th century and it is not working with pot. The only people who benefit from the current situation is the Drug lords, who make billions. Remove the illegality of it, you then have a new economic avenue for farmers across the country. You have another source of revenue for our government to pay for a lot of things that we enjoy in this country. You remove billions from organized crime, removing a lot of power from the gangs, and hopefully shrinking them, thus creating less gang violence (ok that might be a bit of a stretch, but who knows, this "stoner" can dream).
I am not advocating that pot should be legalized and unregulated. You could deal with it much like alcohol.
I'll deal with kids too, as I don't really think it is all that great for teenagers. I know I first tried it in grade 10, and by that time there were a lot of kids around who were full blown stoners. A lot of those kids were not in situations that allowed them to deal with it properly. That being said I have heard from younger kids that weed is easier to get then booze. You regulate it and remove it from the hands of the drug dealers then maybe it would at least shrink that gap.
My point in all of this Paolo is that Pot is already out there. Its everywhere. All of the negative consequences are out there already and in my opinion if you legalize and regulate it you remove far more negatives then the so called additional ones that may pop up.

Get high in your own home all you want Billy as well as others. Just don't claim some sort of righteousness, for which I would say the same to any alcohol drinker or cigarette smoker all the same, by waving it in my face in public with such use of those legal substances in public illegal in most places itself.

YOU personally may not have experienced the negative consequences of association with other vice or crime just as do some with the abuse of alcohol be it sick or just being too merry, but I have observed most pot smokers do. That includes three years of life in vice-laden Las Vegas mind you.

Again, if you keep it in the house whatever the legality there are no problems, but I find overwhelmingly pot smokers more than even folks drinking a lot short of abuse that they want EVERYONE to accept such use also in public as most of us do not for neither alcohol except in licensed establishments as well as in even fewer places for legal cigarettes.

After rereading that garbled post a few times I will respond.
I have never claimed "some sort of righteousness" about anything. Anyone who does is a fool.
As for your associations with vice and crime, I would hypothesize that pot is neither the cause or the effect of most of those things. Criminals are criminals, whether they smoke pot or not is irrelevant. When I smoke pot sometimes I would be "too merry" by your standards, and not by mine. That happens sometimes when I drink too. What it really sounds to me is that you don't like other people to have fun, or sorry Too much fun.

And as for doing it in public, whatever. I guess my views are more liberal than yours. I think we should all go the way of Germany and allow the drinking of alcohol on the street/bus/train/grocery store. If I want a beer while I am walking downtown window shopping, or in the park playing frisbee, or down at the beach, or wherever. If I am not operating a motor vehicle and am not slobbering drunk, then who cares. The same with having a smoke. I don't go around blowing it in people's faces, and I don't know anyone that does.

OK that may sound like I have a righteous attitude about it, but really I guess I am of the opinion that if you are not harming others, then go for it. I don't think my actions are somehow "justified by God" mainly because I don't believe in one.

But according to you I have to be in my Home to do anything fun.

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

The reason why you think it's a gateway drug is because the same guy who sells coke, pills, etc. sells the weed... BECAUSE ITS ILLIGAL! If you could buy it at the drug store down the street you wouldn't be exposed to harder drugs.

It's easy to judge the open weed smoker for being self-rightous and defensive because your arguements are ignorant, you just simply cannot understand the real consequenses because you've never tried the stuff!

I would never encourage someone to smoke weed, but people make choices because it's their right to do so. To paint every drug and its user under one brush is counter-productive. Instead of fear mongering why not educate? I'd rather have the stuff legalize and have a few billion dollars pumped into the budget for healthcare, education, and roads then spend $650 million trying to fight an un-winnable war against it.